Understand how to leverage your

                                 Uniqueness to create 

                                                                  the Ultimate Life.

Rebecca Mott

Certified Professional Coach

Certified Disaster Recovery Coach

Business Process Improvement Specialist


Founder, The Art of U by Rebecca LLC

 "It's time for you to learn how to

Love Your Unique so that you can Live Your Unique."

My Story

Hello, there!  My name is Rebecca and I am a self-proclaimed change agent and master of managing transitions.


I have been on a journey of discovering my Unique for more than 30 years.  It took me twenty of those years to find my Unique.


Step-by-step, I aligned my Unique gifts, talents, and abilities with my career goals.  Digging even deeper, I discovered that those same gifts, talents, and abilities could be aligned with my personal goals and God's calling for my life.

I can help you do the same. 

Don't waste any more time living a cheap version of someone else's life!

My journey helped me understand that my freedom from the pains of my past came in learning how to accept and love myself unconditionally.  My freedom is tied to these self-loving affirmations:
                     "Rebecca, I forgive you."
                     "Rebecca, I trust you."
                     "Rebecca, I believe in you."
                     "You are enough!"

I am here to tell you that I am not an anomaly.  My secret to success is simple: put God first, love people, and say "Yes" to opportunity.


I want you to know that other people's rejection and betrayal of you is no reflection of the value that God has placed in you.


I believe this:


"You are Uniquely created by God.

  There is no one else like you.

  No one can do what you can do.

  No one can 'see' what you can see.

  Now go out and be who God has called you to be."

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