• Rebecca Mott

The Power of "Letting Go"

If there is anything that I wish I could tell my younger self, it is this: "Let it go!"

One of the most powerful practices that I have embraced in my spiritual transformation journey is the practice of surrendering. In my family of origin, surrender was not an option. Make a way, get it done, make it happen, and just do it was the way. Our culture tends to reinforce this way. And we are often rewarded, especially in work cultures dominated by internal competition, to just get it done.

But what I know now that I didn't know then is this: there is a time and flow for everything. What I realize now is that you can absolutely do the right thing at the wrong time. And the results match that of doing the wrong thing.

Don't get me wrong. I still believe that being able to execute is one of the keys to success of any kind. But focusing on execution without understanding strategy and timing is will lead to disaster.

Think about it. We have all seen that situation where some sincere heart said something totally inappropriate for the time. We felt their embarrassment as they either ignorantly did not see the wrong turn they made and keep talking, or they flush red and stammer of their words trying desperately to repair the damage. Sometimes, silence is more valuable than words.

The bad thing about focusing on execution at all costs is that we drive our stress level through the roof. As we see failure to control, we become frustrated. And that frustration turns into all sorts of emotions that lead to even more stress.

Some years ago, I had a wise person say to me, "Rebecca, everything that you want to say doesn't need to be said. And everything that you see needs to be done does not have to be done by you."

It took me some time to finally see the truths in those statement. And one day, my eyes opened to the power of surrender.

Embracing surrender for me did not come easy. I always believed that surrender was for the weak. The strong never surrendered. The problem with my view was this: I that if you don't surrender, this means that you fight. I was wrong.

Sometimes, surrender looks like standing and waiting. Sometimes, surrender looks like taking a deep breath and gathering your thoughts. Sometimes, surrender looks like seeking a higher wisdom before making the next move. Surrender does not mean giving up. This was the shift in meaning of surrender that I had to make before I could embrace the wisdom of letting go.

When I finally learned how to let go, I became open to the pathways of my purpose and passion. I wish this for you.

Let go of other people's expectations. Ask yourself, what do I expect from me?

Let go of your own expectations. Ask yourself, what does God want for me?

Let go of your own needs and desires. Ask yourself, what higher purpose does my life serve?

Let go of all that is. Embrace the current moment as it is, not as you want it to be.

Let go of the past. Release the past as irrelevant to your future.

Let go of your future expectation. Release your wish for the future, all that is, and all that has been. Trust God. This is surrender, the ultimate form of letting go.

This letting go is not something to accomplish. It is a way of life. Everyday and in every moment, I practice letting go.

I can't say if this is right for you. Only you know this. I can say that it is right for me. It brings me peace and opens me to receive more than I could achieve on my own.

Try it. Let go.

I am cheering for you.


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