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Life is NOT about What Happens to You

Too many people get caught in the negativity trap of believing that what happens to you in life is the jumping off point for your success. This is not true!

Many people have jumped from poverty and hard times to live the life of their dreams. I hate to say this, but these people are in the minority.

Most people allow their life circumstances to trap them in a cycle of living their lives "just to get by."

  • Living from paycheck to paycheck hoping to have enough money for this or that.

  • Working a job that they hate with people that drive them crazy.

  • Hanging out with people who make them feel bad about being who they are.

  • Always feeling like you are one step behind on everything.

Does this sound familiar?

I know it does to me. Because this used to be my life. That is until one way I swallowed a courage pill and decided that it was time for me to move past where I was and towards the life that I wanted.

The sad part is that I almost missed the opportunity to change my life. I would look at other people succeeding and living the life of their dreams thinking to myself "Well, they are special. They were born into a better family. They had more support. They are smarter."

I believed this hype until the day I started really digging into the stories of people who succeeded. What I found was this: not all of them started out in the lap of luxury and privilege.

The Secret to Success

Many of them, I dare say the majority of them, came from very humble backgrounds. They also overcame many hardships and setbacks to get where they are.

Bingo! They didn't have the "secret sauce" or "juice" that I thought they had. What they did have was determination, the willingness to persist, and the courage to take risks and face failure.

And they also had a process for building their success. They had a PLAN.

Someone said "If you fail to plan, you plan to FAIL."

This is why I developed my 12-step Journey to Freedom program. I used this exact process to walk out of poverty into a life that I love.

I have what I want and I want what I have!

Your Journey to Freedom

You can do the same thing. It takes commitment to yourself and to your dream to reach your goals. You will not get there by stopping and starting and making it up as you go along. You need a PROCESS and a PLAN.

If you are tired of being on a merry-go-round and not achieving the levels of success that you want, you need to register for my class - The Journey to Freedom.

You can break free from the trap of staying where you are going around in circles. I will teach you the strategies that I used to create success in my own life - without sacrificing who I am or ignoring important relationships.

And the best part of my program is that I will individually coach you and hold you accountable to creating a 90-day success plan to reach a significant goal.

Are you ready to change your life?

If you are, go HERE and register for a FREE introductory class. I will schedule an initial FREE consultation with you so we can decide if this is the right program for you.

Don't let this opportunity to change your life pass you by. Get started today by clicking HERE.

If you want more information about me and my journey, click HERE.

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I am your Certified Professional Coach teaching you life strategies. And I am always here cheering for you!

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