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How to Tell If They Appreciate Your Unique

Five signs that people like Your Unique

Hanging out with people who do not appreciate you is NO way to live your life. Learning to become more of who you really are, your authentic self, will never happen if you consistently choose to hang out with people who are disrespecting you and putting you down.

"Go where you are appreciated" is the one statement that freed me from this trap. When I stopped hanging around people who criticized, complained, and made fun of who I was, I began to appreciate more of me.

I can't say enough for this. You have to create a positive environment for yourself. Living in negative and toxic environments will not only drain you, they will cause you to be overly critical of yourself.

Your authentic self cannot blossom living in an environment of negativity. It simply won't happen. And trying to force the issue and make it happen will lead to your own misery.

So, how can you tell if the people you are hanging out with truly appreciate your Unique? Use these five clues to tell.

They encourage you to use your gifts. Encouragement is like fertilizer for your Unique. No one has ever achieved anything great without some kind of encouragement.

They support you by being there for you. Are the missing in action when it matters most? If they don't celebrate with and for you, they are NOT with and for you.

They say "Your contribution is making a difference." Or "I appreciate the contribution you are making." If they never say that, it will be hard to tell if you are on target for creating and manifesting positivity in your environment.

They say "I like the way you..." This is treasured gold as far as feedback goes. They are validating your gift. Don't overlook these nuggets of feedback. They are telling you where your gifts are.

They brag about you to other people. We spend too much time addressing our haters and criticizers. Let's spend less time doing that and more time listening for those moments when people are bragging on us or about us. Appreciate these kind of people in your life. It is a clue that they want you to succeed.

Don't imprison yourself with people who zap the energy out of you. Begin reducing your time with these type of people. Start noticing the people who are doing the above five things. Hang out with them more. They are your real friends.

I am cheering for you!

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