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I Can Help You With That (Real Life Coaching)

I believe the BEST teacher is experience. Sure, classroom learning is an important foundation to developing expertise. But real expertise is developed when you jump into life and "do, do, do." Execution is the best way to develop yourself.

So, some people ask me "What qualifies you to be a life coach?" It is really simple. I have a LOT of experience. Here are a few things that I have done:

Go to college full-time while raising a family (twice).

Healed from my the effects of my father's alcoholism.

Worked through blended family issues.

Financially transitioned from poverty to middle-class.

Applied for and received a community grant.

Set up a community reading center.

Lead cross-functional teams in solving problems.

Taught Sunday School and Bible Study.

Served as a public speaker at various events.

Organized events for more than 25 people.

Managed projects and people to make things happen.

Set up websites.

Navigated the pit of depression.

Developed spreadsheets to analyze and presented data.

Dealing with a "prodigal son."

Advocated for my child who was developmentally delayed.

Bounced back from a career setback.

Balanced my career with family and active involvement in my church.

Served as a foster care parent for teenagers.

Walked with my father through Alzheimer's.

Presented to professionals and business leaders.

Trained myself to run a marathon.

Bounced back from a life-threatening illness.

Survived the grief of losing my mother and father.

Survived a bad relationship that ended in divorce.

Transitioned through the ups and downs of my marriage of 25+ years.

Made a career transition after 40.

I will stop here.

And even more than all of this, I have a passion to help people be the best version of themselves.

I am proud to say that I turned 50 this year. And God has certainly been good to me. His mercies are new every morning. And for that I am grateful.

I have been walking on a journey of forgiveness for four years learning to flow in a state of love, peace, and joy. This is who I am.

I don't know everything. But one thing that I do know: you are strong enough and smart enough. You have everything it takes to live your best life.

And if you want to shortcut your way to a better life, I can help you. I see you in the future. And, darling, you look so much better than you do right now.

Keep the faith.

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