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What's Going On Rebecca?

I can't believe that it is October of 2018. I don't know about you, but it seems like it was just yesterday that we were kicking off 2018. And now we are headed towards 2019 in 90 days. Wow.

At the beginning of 2018, I set out with ambitious goals. Tony Robbins says, "We overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in ten years." That's truth.

I did crush some of my goals and headed towards the end of 2018, I can say that I say that my life is in a better place. Certifications, speaking engagements, new acquaintances, new projects, and a new place to call home.

The one thing that I have not done so well with is staying true to my passion for "The Art of U by Rebecca." Of all the things that I have done, having this one slip off my radar is the most heartbreaking.

I started this blog and my journey as a life coach for one reason and one reason only. I wanted to give back from the abundance that I have received. I wanted to teach some people what I have learned and help them avoid unnecessary traps and mistakes. I wanted to inspire people to keep holding on when things get tough. I wanted to let people who feel "different" for whatever reason know that "you are not alone." I wanted to touch people and reach people to say, "You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

But just like it does with you, my friend, it has done the same with me. Life happens when you have plans. The key to success, though, is what I have said consistently throughout my blog posts - stay the course and stay true to the dream in your heart. I think I will take my own advice (smile).

I started this blog (as opposed to a vlog, YouTube channel, or podcast) because I do love putting my thoughts and ideas to virtual paper. And although you can find me on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram doing videos, my first love is writing my thoughts and feelings onto this screen.

The last 90 days of October, I am doubling down on generating content for you. And what I am asking from you is that raise your virtual hand and let me know you are here. Have you downloaded any of my free guides? What did you think about them? What would you like to know from a self-proclaimed change agent, corporate warrior, and a woman who balanced raising children and moving her career along at the same time?

Although I am saddened by my lack of focus over the last few months, I am looking toward the future with great anticipation and enthusiasm. I want you to catch that fire with me. And let's see where we go...together.

As always, you know that I am cheering for you!

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