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Becoming Productive and a Master of Execution Tip #3

Procrastination is a beast that overtakes many. "I should have..." "I would have..." "I could have..." These phrases are signs that the beast has visited your door.

Most of us won't admit to it, but we have all been visited by the procrastination beast. He shows up most often in those tasks that we don't like doing. Can't somebody else do that?

If you are not careful, this beast can wreak total havoc on your life. You "meant to" do this or that. Then you delay doing it. Next you feel guilty that you didn't do it. Finally, you give up on doing it. The procrastination monster has won!

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can beat the procrastination monster with these three tips:

The 2-Minute Rule. Try the 2-minute rule. This is adopted from David Allen's Getting Things Done, GTD, methodology. If it takes less than 2-minutes, just do it. This needs to become a standing rule for you. Don't hesitate. Don't think about it. It takes less than 2-minutes, so DO IT NOW. I have consistently used this strategy to up my level of productivity. While others are "thinking about it," I already have done it. Done, done, done! Doesn't that feel good? When you adapt the 2-minute rule, you will find that you will get more done and be inspired to get even more done. It is like magic. Try it for a week and see how it goes. But you must commit to it 100% without wavering. I predict that you will see a shift in your inspiration to get more done.

Tell someone you WILL do it. One of the most powerful ways to commit to doing anything is to make it known to others that you plan on doing it. Most of us commit silently. We are afraid to tell anyone about our commitment. Why? Because secretly we know that we have not fully committed. Telling someone else in a definitive way that "I will..." puts us on the line. We have created an expectation for action. Our minds become engaged in subconsciously figuring out how to help us get to our "will." And most importantly, we begin to drop the "I can't..." and "I might..." thinking from our vocabulary. Consistently repeating "I will..." commi" Repeat it over and over until your mind absorbs that you must commit to action.

Ask someone you trust to hold you accountable. This tip is probably the hardest one for us to commit to doing. Very few people LIKE being held accountable. Most of us would rather bask in the sympathy of people saying "I understand." The problem with doing this is that you give yourself an "out" for doing what you know that you should do. Find someone who will be strong in holding you accountable to your commitment to "do." Don't shy away from people who challenge you to stay true to your what you have said that you will do. If you don't have anyone in your immediate circle that is good at holding you accountable, you may need to hire a life coach or find a mentor that will do it. Whatever you do, don't allow yourself to become comfortable in the "not doing." Push yourself to commit and follow through to "the do."

Don't let the procrastination beast stand in between you and the life that you want. Decide now to do whatever it takes to slay the beast.

And I will be right here cheering for you!

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