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Becoming Productive and a Master of Execution Tip #2

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Well, I must ask: Did any light bulbs come on for you when you did an assessment of where you spend your time?

I certainly hope so. It is hard to face the ugly truth: we are our own worst enemies. I like what the Apostle Paul says:

In fact, I don't understand why I act the way I do.

I don't do what I know is right.

I do the things I hate.

Romans 7:15 CEV

That sounds about right. Doing the right thing, the thing that you know is right to do, is sometimes the most difficult thing to do.

And this is the very reason why so few people see the success they want in their lives. They fail to face the awful truth that they are standing in their own way.

But the sooner that you face that fact, the sooner you will be on your journey to becoming the highly productive and a master at execution.

Tip #2 is about you getting clarity and commitment on what you want to accomplish. Do you have a list of goals that you want to achieve?

The easiest way to miss a target is not to have one at all. In EVERY sport known to man, there is a target or an end goal. And anyone who signs up for the sport becomes intimately familiar with that target or end goal.

In fact, part of what makes the sport exciting and alluring is the idea of people scoring or achieving some definite feat.

Is your life "ho-hum"? Well, it may be because you have failed to set targets or goals.

I talk to many people who get defensive at this point and proclaim to me "I have goals!"

"Well, great. Tell me about your goals."

They then go on to ramble off a list of things that want to do.

Well, that's great. "So, show me our plan."

This is where it get's really interesting. Most people have a vague idea of what they want but no definite plan on how to get there.

So, tip #2 comes in two parts. Now that you understand where you are spending your time, you need to understand where you are going. You need to have:

  • A set of goals

  • Plans to support your goals

Please don't underestimate the complexity of these two very simple ideas. I will add this requirement: YOUR GOALS AND PLANS NEED TO BE IN WRITING.

Start by listing all of the things you want to accomplish within the next year. Write a complete list.

Now, narrow your list down to the THREE things you want to work on in the next 90 days.

Next, build a plan for each of those goals that shows the steps to getting there. Make sure that the goal is achievable within a 90-day window. If it is not, you will have to break it down to a smaller goal to fit within the 90-day timeframe.

For example, for one of my recently received certifications, my goal looked like this:

Goal: Achieve ASQ certification for Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence

I researched what it would take for me to obtain this and found out:

  • I must apply for the certification.

  • I should attend a class.

  • I need to study for the certification.

  • I need to pass an exam.

From here, I was able to build a plan to get me to my goal. My plan looked something like this:

  • Submit application by (date)

  • Sign up for class by (date)

  • Schedule travel for class by (date)

  • Buy recommended books/material by (date)

  • Attend class (date)

  • Schedule exam date by cut-off date

  • Schedule weekly study time starting (date)

There were smaller action items that I added in between dates, but this provided me with most important dates.

Now, it's your turn. What are your three goals for the next 90-days? What is your plan for each goal? Does your plan have due dates within the 90-day window?

Next up, I want to talk to you about a beast that keeps us from moving forward. It is called PROCRASTINATION.

Stay tuned. I am cheering for your success.

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