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Becoming Productive and a Master of Execution: Check-in

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"Time keeps on slipping

Into the future"

In my last post, I started with tip #1 on becoming productive and a master of execution. And your assignment was to do an assessment of where you spend your time.

How are you doing?

Time is the great equalizer. Everyone on the planet, from billionaire Warren Buffet to the homeless man on the street, has one thing in common. We all have 24 hours in a day. Having more money, a great career, more friends, or more of anything else, will not give you more time.

And where you are in life is a direct reflection of where you have chosen to spend your time.

So, if you want to change the results that you are seeing in your life, you will need to do ONE thing: CHANGE WHERE YOU ARE SPENDING YOUR TIME.

It is that simple. Your focus becomes your future. And the truth of the matter is that most of waste time and are completely UNintentional on where we spend our time.

Take a look at where you spent your time over the last couple of days. How many hours did you spend watching TV? Scanning social media? And what could you accomplish if you were more intentional about where you spent your time?

Take a look at this breakdown on where most Americans spend their time:

Do you see that big slice for "Leisure & sports." Now, we know the average American is not routinely engaged in sports. So this category, for most of us, should probably just read "Leisure."

We spend more time on leisure than we do eating and drinking.

We spend more time on leisure than we do housework.

We spend three times more on leisure than we do "Caring for household members."

Is it any wonder that we have heartburn, untidy homes, and relationships that are falling apart?

I'm just saying...

Before I took you into tip #2, I wanted you to face the REALITY and cold hard FACTS of where you spend your time.

And confess to yourself the truth of what you see.

For it is that truth that is the beginning of your journey to freedom and a more PRODUCTIVE life.

Own up to your truth and let's go!


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