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Become Productive and a Master of Execution: Tip #1

Do you have a LOT to do and struggle with finding time to do it?

Are you tired of people who give you the "ho-hum" advice of "just do less"?

Me too!

So I am setting out on a journey to level up my productivity.

At the time of this reading, I have no less than 10 projects in flight. Most people would say that I am already good at juggling multiple priorities.

If you are reading "productivity" hacks that start off by telling you "do less," I say "RUN!"

Watch ANY successful person and you will find that they are extremely busy. And the side effect of becoming extremely busy is this: you have to become a master of juggling multiple and competing priorities.

So, the key is NOT in learning to do LESS. The key is learning to do MORE of the stuff that matters the most.

In today's tip, I want to focus on one simple tip that can help you see your time wasters.

For the next three days, commit to tracking every activity in your day.

First, you will need a calendar. Google calendar is easy to use and FREE. Sign up for a google account and access your calendar.

Next, access the calendar menu and select the "Week" view.

Now, for the next three days, lay out where you will spend your time each day. Start by blocking off big chunks of time for things you normally do - commuting, checking email, meetings, appointments, etc.

Once you have your routine items on the calendar, take a look at the white space. Where do you spend your time in this white space?

This step require brutal honesty! Are you doing these timewaters: surfing the social media, playing video games, etc.

If you can't figure out what goes in the white space, determine to write it down over the next three days. Track your own activity. Figure out where you are spending your time.

You can also break down your bigger chunks of time to track more specific activities. For example you can take your work time and break it into a list of activities you do during work.

In the next tip, I will show you how to use this data to level up your productivity immediately!

Let's get busy!

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