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What Won't Make You Happy - What's Next?

This is a great question to ask yourself. But it is the absolute WRONG question to ask if you are in a bad situation. Let me explain why.

It goes something like this: "I hate my job. I hate these people I work with. I need to find a new job." Problem solved!

Except it's not. Because wherever you end up going, you will be there. Think about it.

I am finding more and more that the real problem is NOT what you think. Changing environments is just a cover for solving the real problem.

Are you caught up in the "grass is greener on the other side" thinking?

Now, don't get me wrong. There are definitely some situations that you need to abort - and abort quickly. There some relationships that need to end. And some job situations that are way too stressful to stay with.

But sometimes, the problem is not your situation. The real problem is HOW you are handling your current situation.

And the real question that you need to ask yourself is this: What can I do to improve THIS situation?

Let's use a real-life example that I see quite frequently. It starts off something like this:

"I hate my job. I hate my boss. I can't take it anymore. I am going to work for myself."

BAM! An entrepreneur is born.

Well, I need to pause right here to interject a statistical fact - 80% of startup businesses will fail. (Footnote: Some stats are lower because they only count business that are registered and licensed - a lot of starting entrepreneurs fail to do this step in the first year.)

So, what's really going on right here?

Someone forgot to tell the newbie entrepreneur that life as an entrepreneur can be exponentially more brutal and stressful than any job. Ask around and verify what I am telling you.

Here is the bottom line - when you are in a miserable situation, deciding to move on to the next "best" thing can be the absolutely wrong decision.

How can you tell?

Does your life feel like it is on repeat? Did you end a relationship only to get a new relationship with exact some problems? I did you leave a job you hate only to find that your new job and/or new boss seems to be exactly the same as the last one?

This is a sign that your "What's Next?" tendency is sabotaging your ability to succeed and make real progress.

This is what I tell my clients - Things will never change until you do!

Attitude, after all, is the most important thing. It colors your perspective and how you choose to interpret the world around you.

If you take your "this job sucks" mentality into your new job - it won't be long before your new job will be "this job sucks."

Why? Because your problem was never about your situation. Your problem was about your attitude about your situation.

What question do you need to ask instead of "What's next?" I'm glad that you asked.

I would recommend that you ask - "What is holding me back in this situation? Why is this a problem for me?" Ah, now we are getting somewhere.

Until you fix your attitude and perspective, nothing will change.

Who would ever take a rotten apple out of a bag and think that moving it to a new bag of fresh apples would improve the rotten apple? No one.

But that is exactly what we choose to believe when we have the "What's next?" mentality.

Fix your attitude. Fix your life.

And that, my friend, is the real way out of your bad situation!

Don't waste another minute thinking "What's next?" Get your attitude in check and let's go!

Need help with getting a new perspective. I am your Certified Professional Coach and I am here for you. You can book a free call with me HERE.

I don't have a canned script to offer you. I work with each of my client's one-on-one to help them achieve the life that they want.

I am here cheering for you!

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