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Here are Some Smart Reasons for Seniors to Consider a Job in Real Estate

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The idea that seniors should spend their time sitting around in rocking chairs has gone out to pasture. Older Americans are living longer and enjoying better health than ever before. In fact, many of them are taking up second careers as real estate agents, and for good reason. Here's what we mean:

  • Most seniors have owned at least one home in their time. They know what it's like to deal with both house repairs and house payments, not just for a few months but over the course of many years. This kind of hands-on experience makes them savvy agents.

  • Real estate is a flexible career path that an agent can pursue on a part-time or seasonal basis if she likes. This dovetails perfectly with the dynamic living situation in which many seniors find themselves.

  • The comfortable financial situation many seniors enjoy means they can match clients to the right home for their needs without obsessing over commissions.

  • Millions of today's seniors are in the real estate market themselves, either as buyers, sellers, or both. Seniors now represent 45% of the US population, according to AARP. Who better to assist them than someone their own age?

"Sounds good!" you might say. "How do I get started?" We're glad you asked. Here's what you need to know:

  • Training requirements vary from one part of the country to another, according to Investopedia. This link has state-by-state information.

  • Real estate agents need the right mix of personal and professional skills to achieve success. They must understand sales techniques, real estate law, and negotiating skills. This quiz can help you decide if the career is for you.

  • Selling real estate requires good overall health, the ability to climb stairs, and enough stamina to sometimes drive long distances and work long days.

  • Real estate agents meet persons from a wide range of racial, cultural, and sexual orientation/gender identity backgrounds.They must appreciate diversity and respect differing opinions if they're to serve their clients well. Of course, this can pose a challenge for people of any age, not just seniors.

Consider these facts when you're thinking about getting into real estate. Also, take into account the state of the housing market in your area, as this will affect your earnings potential. Are you able to stay positive even when sales are slow? Are you willing to put up with picky buyers and changing weather conditions? These factors, as well as the others discussed above, are key to deciding whether or not to pursue this career.

Social Entrepreneurship: What it is and How it May Affect Your Real Estate Career

Social entrepreneurship is the art of blending proven business methods with socially conscious goals like alleviating poverty. Think of social entrepreneurs as one part tycoon, one part humanitarian, and one part visionary. This is an emerging field that draws people who are both practical and idealistic. With that in mind, let's consider ways to combine your career aspirations with your social service priorities:

  • You could use your real estate acumen to educate first time buyers on the ins and outs of home ownership.

  • You could specialize in finding non-traditional financing for aspiring homeowners who are personally responsible but who lack conventional credit references.

  • You could focus your efforts on selling homes in rural areas, inner city neighborhoods, or other markets underserved by most realtors.

Real estate is the perfect field for seniors who want to match good people with good homes while earning a solid income. So, if it matches your interests and skill set, then go for it! We wish you all the best.

Larry is a mental fitness expert researching how brain exercises can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. He created ReadyBrain.net to help give people the mental workout they need to have a healthy brain.

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