• Rebecca Mott

When I Look Back

When I look back over my life, I can see things so much differently.

When I was in the middle of my bad situations, it was hard to see how it would all work out. I worried. I prayed. But most of all I believed.

I believed that tomorrow would be better.

I believed that trouble wouldn't last forever.

I believed that the sun would shine on me.

I believed that all would be as it should be.

I sometimes marvel at how God worked out so many things in my life. What I thought was disaster become a lesson learned and a stepping stone to my future success.

I once heard a quote: "It is darkest before the dawn."

But sometimes the night is longer than expected. It is in those times that it is difficult to hold fast to your faith.

As I look back and see all the times that I worried myself into a frenzy and fretted over things that I could not control, I see God's hand in it all. He cause it all "to work out for my good."

At the end of last year, I made a commitment to read the entirety of the Holy Scriptures. Today is day 25. And the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have helped me see the uselessness of all my worry.

What I see in those stories is this:

  • We as humans are imperfect.

  • God is merciful.

  • God's loyalty to those who belong to Him is unshakeable.

These points are simple but profound.

When I look back, I understand that "it was good for me" that I encountered danger, disappointment, failure and discouragement. I see that all along God was teaching me that I am stronger when I depend on Him.

When I look back I am grateful. I am grateful for every victory won, every challenge overcome, and every dream fulfilled.

When I look back my hope in the future is re-ignited. I begin to see that God's hand is sure. And that faith in the God who guides me strengthens my resolve to hope, to believe, and to continue "the good work" that I know He has called me to do.

What do you see when you look back? Let your faith color your view to see wisdom and hope.

When I look back, I rejoice because I know that it "all is well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."

To God be the glory.

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