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How to Keep Your Momentum Going for 2018

The optimism that the holiday season and the approach of the New Year brings to some people is absolutely contagious.

As I scrolled my social media feeds, I see so many renewing their commitment to do better and experience more in 2018. I love it!

But the sad part is that most people do absolutely no planning. We dream and wish and that is where it ends.

By the time we reach the end of January, we have already reverted to our cynical views and begin to declare "this year won't be any better."

This is the tragedy of the New Year - our dreams and optimism die out quickly.

But it doesn't have to be that way. There are specific things that you can do to maintain your momentum and positive outlook.

In my course, Journey to Freedom, I explain why it is important that you:

  • Get clarity on your vision.

  • Establish a goal that sets you on fire.

  • Figure out what you can do to avoid past failures.

  • Create a plan that will help you achieve your goal one step at a time.

  • Get the right people on your team.

  • Make your goal an obsession.

Let's break down the importance of each of these nuggets of wisdom.

Get clarity on your vision. I heard someone say "You have to see it before you can see it or you will NEVER see it." This statement explains why it is so important that you have a vision of where you want to be. Without a vision of where you want to go, you will wander aimlessly through your days with little to show for it. Julian Burke on the website Dream Manifesto explains it this way:

A vision will help you to overcome obstacles in the way and helps you hold on when times are tough. A vision that is well defined helps you to focus and create a purpose that becomes your measurement for your success. If you do not have a vision of who you want to be, how you want to succeed or what you want out of life, you begin to lack drive and your life becomes just an order of events.

Establish a goal that sets you on fire. Let's face it, everyone is not motivated by the same things. What you assign importance to may be very different from what I think is important. This is why you must get a goal and a vision that sets YOU on fire. It doesn't matter what other people think about it. If it lights your fire when you think about it, then this is the fire you need to keep lit inside of you. In my forum, I talk about three things you can do to "light a fire in your soul." Click HERE to see them.

Figure out how to avoid past failures. Most people don't want to think about their failures. When they do think about them, they feel waves of sadness and depression. But our failures hold very important lessons and insights on how we can navigate our future. Experience is a great teacher if you learn how to listen to it. Check out this video on how to turn your failure into a lesson>>>> Strategies for Learning from Failure

Create a plan that will help you achieve a goal one step at a time. I believe this is the most important piece of the puzzle. It has been widely established by success experts that writing down your goals increases your odds of achieving them. It is just that simple. And there are so many tools that you can use to make your plan. In my course on vision boards, I explain how you can use simple vision boards to create a plan that you can see. I have also fallen in love with my new journal from Best Self. You can check out that journal HERE.

Get the right people on your team. I love this quote on one of my vision boards, "When it happens, it will be built by a team." Let me just tell you, there is no such thing as the "self-made" man or woman. We are all a product of the people that we choose to associate with, listen to, and admire. But more important than choosing the right crowd to hang out with is the importance of having your own home team to support you. In my Journey to Freedom course, I dig deeply into the type of people that you need on your team. If you create the wrong home team or fail to create a support system, you will FAIL. It's just that simple. You need a team.

Make your goal an obsession. Once you have a clear vision, a fire lit in your soul, a plan, your lessons learned, and a right team, it is time for you to make what you want to achieve an obsession. What does that look like? Do you know someone that is always talking about a subject, let's say gaming. All you have to do is mention PS4 or Xbox and off they go. They go on and on about the games, how to play, how awesome it is, etc. Or for some it is their favorite football or basketball team. These people are what you call "obsessed." Obsession is not a bad thing. And especially if you are getting obsessive about something that is important to you - achieving your dream goals. Once you cross over into making your goal your obsession, you become unstoppable.

I am expecting great things to happen in 2018. I hope you are too. I am taking my own medicine - I don't just teach this stuff - I LIVE this stuff.

I have my vision statement, my planner, my goals set and I am on my way. What about you?

2018...bring it on!

And I will be right here cheering for you. Browse around my blog or follow me on Facebook for more at The Art of U by Rebecca.

Your best life is not in the distant future. Your best life is NOW. Reach for it!

And I will be right here cheering for you.

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