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This One Thing Gets You What You Want

​"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." Bruce Lee

Have you ever had the experience where someone was able to get something that you didn't? Then when you asked them how they did it, they simply reply "I asked."

This is the power of the question.

What separates people who get what they want from people who miss out? People who consistently get what they want consistently ask for what they want.

Learning how to ask people directly for what you want can revolutionize your relationships, your career, and your business.

What is the one thing that keeps you from asking directly for what you want?

It is the same thing that held me captive for years: fear. We fear rejection. We talk ourselves into believing the answer will be "No." We don't believe we will get what we want.

So instead of asking, we remain silent.

And that silence keeps us from getting what we want.

My mother put it this way, "A closed mouth doesn't get fed. If you want it, open up your mouth and ask." She was a brave woman!

Our closed mouth works something like this:

We want our significant other to take out the trash. So, we drop hints like "Man, the trash is overflowing." They don't get it. Another argument starts.

Our colleague is bragging about the raise he got. You worked just as hard as he did, but you didn't get a raise. You believe your boss has it in for you now.

You watch another business owner getting clients and talk about how much their business is growing. All the while, you struggle to understand why your perfect offer isn't selling.

The problem in all three of these scenarios is this: you failed to use the power of the ask.

Did you ASK your significant other to take out the trash? "Would you please take out the trash for me dear?"

Did you ASK your boss for a raise? "I've contributed to the team in this way. I would like to be considered for a pay increase. How do qualify for a pay raise?"

Did you ASK your clients for the sale instead of assuming they would buy? "You can see how my service would be a great benefit for you. Let's sign you up. How would you like to pay?"

It sounds ridiculously simple, but this strategy works.

How do you press past the fear and tap into the power of the ask?

  • Decide what you want.

  • Find the person who can grant it.

  • Ask the question - make it short, simple, and direct.

Now be ready to face the answer. You may be surprised that you hear "Yes" more often than "No."

Here are some more resources that can help you learn how to ask in a way that gets cooperation:

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I want to challenge you today to swallow your fear and start asking. And don't stop until you get what you want!

I will be right here cheering for you!

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