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Throw Out Your Resume

Today, your resume needs to hit the trash can. As I explained in my recent post on "Why Your Job Search is Going Nowhere," I explained that the world has changed. And this requires you to ignore traditional advice and change how you are approaching your job search.

I am not alone in this movement. At the website Throw Out Your Resume, they say this:

Universities and colleges are 10 years behind the curve.

Indeed they are! So if you are spinning your wheels looking for the perfect job and the perfect company to work for, you are on the losing end.

The first thing you need to do is throw out your resume. Resumes are the worst st

rategy for anyone looking to create an opportunity that leads them to a life-fulfilling career (I don't like that word, but we will talk more about it later).

Here is what Emily Janoch, Deputy Director for Knowledge Management and Learning at CARE, had to say about resumes:

A resume may be the most unfair format that exists in the world. Trying to boil your entire life and skills down into a few bullet points on two pages is painful, and necessarily leaves out a lot of important detail. It stinks for the candidate, but it’s pretty rough on employers too.

So the first step to creating the life that you want is to throw out your resume. Refuse the play a losing game and do these three things instead:

Create your personal mission statement. What do you want to do with your life? What is your passion? I call it "lighting a fire in your soul." What would you do even if you were not paid to do it? Answering these questions will help you build a mission statement that is Unique to you and what you deeply desire.

Create a vision statement. A vision is different from a mission. A mission describes what you want to do. A vision describes what it will look like once you fulfill the mission. This is a detailed "imagining" of what your life would be like if everything could be perfect this minute.

Get clear on your value proposition. Do you know what you are good at doing? What skills do you have? Notice that I did NOT ask you "What did you learn in school?" What you learned in school can help you, but it doesn't define your value proposition. Your Unique gifts, talents, and abilities go to the core of who you were meant to be. When you align with this, you will never have another blah Monday.

Now that you have thrown away your resume, you will need another strategy. Huffington Post's Fauzia Burke gives you some alternatives to the boring tool that gets you nowhere in her post "Looking for a Job? Throw Out Your Resume."

In Fauzia's post, she mentions another tool that you can use to attract income streams: a brand strategy. I will cover more about branding strategy in a future post.

In the meantime, throw out your resume and get busy showcasing who you are on the World Wide Web.

I am cheering for you every step of the way!

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