• Rebecca Mott

Your Superpowers Originate with This One Thing

The one thing that I wish that I had known sooner in my life is how to Love My Unique.

It sounds so simple. I have read a plethora of self-help and "get yourself together" kind of books. I still have a long reading list full of them. And the message behind the is all the same:

"You are Unique."

"You are special."

"You are human."

"You are part of something bigger."

I spent so many years beating up on myself for being different. And I have always been attracted to the people who are able to walk in authenticity.

But something I have learned on my journey is that everyone, and I do mean everyone, cops out on this at some level. Even the most authentic and straight-forward person that you meet has fears and doubts that drive them to hide parts of themselves. Or worse, cause them to hide themselves from the world.

We do what Dr. Brene Brown calls "soldiering up." I call it wearing a mask. Some say "I'm just a private person" or "I just like keeping to myself."

There is nothing wrong with being introverted meaning that you rest and recharge by pulling away from the external world. I will not add to the messaging "fix yourself - be more outgoing." I am not going there. We live in a world where extroverts are adored.

The most tragic thing that happens when people decide to check out of society for being "different" is this: the world misses what you, and only you, were meant to bring to all of us.

"You are Uniquely created by God. There is no one else like you."

It has taken me almost half a decade to fully appreciate who I am - and who I am NOT. I don't want you to wait that long.

There is something that you are meant to contribute to this world that no one else can.

What is it? What is Your Unique?

When you find it, you will discover hidden superpowers. If you have ever watched a movie about superheroes, you know what I mean. Even Batman who had no superpowers (just lots of cool gadgets) was chasing something beyond himself. That was his super power. The pursuit of his purpose.

When you make up in your mind that your DIFFERENCE is your value proposition, you will stop looking to society to tell you what you should wear, what you should buy, and who you should become.

God made you smart about one thing - YOU. And if you tap into the Unique You that He created you to be, you will find your own superpowers.

And just like Superman, from that place of purpose you will learn how to soar.

I'm with you on this journey. And I am cheering for you every step of the way.

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