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Be Your Own Kind of Smart

From the time we are in grade school, we are measured to determine our "intelligence" level,

I hear parents claiming bragging rights because their children can read above grade level, have memorized material, or make "good grades."

Well, that is all well and good. But I just learned from Deja:View that the average GPA of a millionaire is 2.9.

As much as I love smart geeks and nerds, the truth of the matter is that being "smart" (that is book smart), is not a true predictor of success.

There is so much more to living life than knowing facts and figures.

I want to steal a phrase from an old Pat Benatar song and flip it. She said,

We are strong No one can tell us we're wrong Searching our hearts for so long Both of us knowing Love is a battlefield

I am here to tell you that LIFE is a battlefield. And the battle is for ego to win - at all costs.

Navigating that battlefield requires more than "smarts." It requires determination, persistence, belief, and passion.

And, guess what? None of that is measured anywhere in the school system. Perhaps that is why we miss "predicting" people's success.

This is not to say that successful people are not smart. They are just smart in their own Unique way.

What millionaires or any successful person will tell you is this: it is all about FOCUS and defining your NICHE.

In other words, it is about discovering your Unique and living it in a way that impacts the people around you.

I propose the reason you are not living the life of your dreams is tied to your failure to identify Your Unique.

It bothers me when people intimidate others because they do not know or understand certain things. Really smart people can be snobs in their own way. They intimidate people by making them feel small if they do not know or understand.

The flip side of that are the people who make being intelligent seem like some kind of curse. They poke fun at people who we would label as "geeks" or "nerds." This isn't as bad as it used to be since Bill Gates and Steve Jobs made millions of dollars and turned "nerd" into something cool.

Scientists are just now coming to the realization that there are different kinds of smart. For example, consider all of the talk about "emotional intelligence." They are now recognizing that some of us are more socially adept than others.

From these three different scenarios, what I want you to take away is this: there are DIFFERENT kinds of smart.

And it is NOT your "intelligence" that makes you successful. What makes you, or anyone, successful is how they choose to show up and contribute to the world.

What I want you to know is this: no matter what kind of smart you may be, YOU are IMPORTANT.

In fact, ALL of the kinds of smart are important - to all of us.

Imagine a world full of technical people. Where would the compassion for humanity be?

Imagine a world full of emotional people. Where would the progress of human society be?

Imagine a world absent of people who like to have fun. Where would the parties and enjoying life be?

Do you get my point? Each adds value in its own UNIQUE way. And the world would be missing something without them.

What I want to tell you today is this: the world would be missing something without the Uniquely wonderful person that you are.

And when you decide to believe that, you will know that Your Unique is a thing of beauty to be treasured.

And you will not let ANYONE make you feel small - or not smart - again.

Be your own Unique kind of smart and change the world.

I am cheering for you!

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