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How to Deal with Wicked Days

Some days are better than others. And then some are the worst.

Wicked Days are those days when your problems seem to be drowning you and your mood swings low. We all have them.

So, the question is NOT "Will they happen?" The question is "WHEN they happen, what will I do?"

A term coined by West Churchman in 1967 has recently resurfaced. The term is "wicked problems." Wicked problems are complex and convoluted issues that have no clear solution. These problems present themselves as social, environmental, economic, or political issues.

What does that have to do with our topic?

Wicked days are just like wicked problems. They don't have an obvious solution and are usually the result of complex mental, physical, and emotional swirling together in the wrong way.

For years, I tried to find a solution to my Wicked Days. I tried everything except hard drugs. None of it worked well.

Until I remembered something that my Mother taught me as a little girl. Whenever I would get upset and emotional, she would say "Time for a nap. You will feel better when you wake up."

And she was right. (Not bad coming from a woman who only went to 8th grade).

When I would wake up from my nap, I would see things differently. And those tense feelings were a whole lot less intense, even if my problem was still there.

I don't have a real solution to eliminating your Wicked Days. But I do have several strategies, including nap time, that can help you.

Click over to my Private Forum to discover the strategies that I recommend.

You don't have to let your Wicked Days get the best of you.

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