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Decide for Yourself

In yesterday's post, I asked a question "Who is your Master?"

Have you thought about what is mastering you right now?

As much as we talk about "being in control," most of us don't realize the extent of our distortion of reality.

The 1990's movie "The Matrix" uses a dramatic and fictitious story to illustrate this point.

The truth is this: the majority of us are cruising through life on auto-pilot. We never stop to think about what we think. And we never question what we perceive to be reality.




sail about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure.

Who taught you that life is supposed to be a certain way? And why were THEY right?

In the movie, our character Neo is awakened to realize that we had thought was "reality" was actually a carefully crafted and controlled environment. In this world, people were manipulated and controlled without even being aware.

When Neo accepts Morpheus' proposal and takes the pill that wakes him up, he begins seeing the world clearly as it is. And his journey begins to discover the truths of reality and the truth of who he really is and was meant to be.

Joseph Campbell calls this narrative "The Hero's Journey." It is a search for meaning and significance. It is an awakening to the reality that was around him all along. But until he made the decision to leave behind what he already knew, he could never discover truth, reality, and himself.

So, I ask you again, who is your master?

Who or what is controlling or manipulating your thoughts for their own benefit?

This is a wake-up call to you. But this wake-up call does NOT start by addressing things outside of you. It is an inward journey. A journey to master the SELF.

Later today, I will go into specific strategies that will help you start sorting through your thoughts to find your hidden master.

Your future is waiting on you to DECIDE.

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