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Are You Getting in the Car?

In yesterday's post, I talked about how to navigate your journey to FREEDOM.

You can check out that post HERE >>> How to Create Your Own Version of Success <<<

I am passionate about helping people understand how to create their own version of success - not a cookie-cutter, follow-the-crowd, do-it-like-everybody-else kind of success.

Your personal success should be based on what you VALUE and care about. You don't have to check-in with anybody else.

You are the author and creator of your own story.

But sometimes we get stuck.

I was once stuck. I had experienced a setback in my career and my marriage had started experiencing conflict. I was not in a good place.

I remember driving home from work one day feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. And angry. And frustrated.

I couldn't seem to figure out how to navigate around the roadblocks that I was facing. I was in a thought loop that kept bringing me back to the same place.

As I have always done when I am feeling stuck, I decided to go learn something new. I signed up for a class on "How to Dress for Success" at a local community college.

That is when I met my first coach. After attending her class, I was so impressed with what I learned that I hired her. That one decision changed my life.

She challenged me to think about my situation differently and helped me create some practical steps to change the dynamics of what I was doing. It was one of the best investments that I ever made in myself.

At the time I thought "Can I really afford this?" Looking back on it I can see that it was exponentially more valuable than what I paid for it. I learned so much from her and about myself.

And, I got UNSTUCK.

If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, you don't need more information. You need a COACH.

Check out this video of Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt explaining why having a coach is important.

I want to show you how to tap into your strengths to begin experiencing the life that you WANT.

You already have what it takes to create a better version of your life.

The question is "Are you ready to get in the car and start on your road to FREEDOM?"

I certainly hope so. Contact me at info@theartofubyrebecca.com to discover how we can partner together to get you UNSTUCK.

I have the map and I am ready to navigate. Get in the car and let's go!

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