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Life is NOT a Sprint

Life is a marathon; pacing required

“When you don't hurry, life lasts longer.” Marty Rubin

Everyone is in such a hurry these days. Even with the recent movement of "slow it down" during the last decade, so many people are overscheduled, overcommitted, and overworked.

Our obsession with "busy" has leaked over into the lives of our children. This has erupted into a raging debate on where to draw the line between "busy" and "too busy." Proponents say that busy = productive. Opponents claim busy = dysfunctional.

I'm not sure which side you are on in this debate, but I have a few items for you to consider as you evaluate "Am I too busy?"

Several years ago, I decided to pursue a goal of running an half-marathon. This wouldn't be a big deal except that I had never run before, never played any type of sports, was past 40 years old, was barely in shape, am asthmatic, and was shortly recovered from a life-changing illness.

Having to learn the basics of things like breathing (I didn't realize that you could this wrong!) and how to ramp up from a walking program to actual running was no small feat. As I do with everything I pursue passionately, I researched all of the ins and outs of running, hired me a couple of coaches, and started a boot-camp style fitness regimen. I was serious and determined to say the least.

As I ramped up my program to run longer distances, I began to learn about endurance training. Running 13.1 miles is not something that you can do, as my Aunt would have quipped, "right quick."

This is when a stumbled upon a concept that all serious runners are passionate about: pacing.

You see, there are FAST runners and there are LONG distance runners. And they are not the same kind of runners. Livestrong points out in THIS article >>> The Physical Difference between Runners and Sprinters <<< that even their body types are very different.

And what I learned about running for 13.1 miles is this: you can't SPRINT your way through a marathon!

Enter the concept called pacing. Pacing is the average amount of time it takes for a runner to cover a mile. And it is a crucial number to monitor if you want to successfully run a marathon.

Running too quick during a marathon will cause you to burnout early - in other words exhaust yourself into stopping. Pacing allows you to keep a steady and sustainable rhythm throughout your race so that you can finish strong. The key word here is FINISH.

This is much like life. Too many people run hurriedly from one thing to the next. Exhausted? There is always an ample supply of Red Bull and coffee. Whatever we do, the last thing we do or want to do is SLOW DOWN.

Just like in a marathon, this will quickly cause burnout of some kind. Depression. Mood swings. Temper tantrums. This is what an emotional and spiritual sprint looks like when we don't pace ourselves.

I am NOT proposing that you stop working hard or pushing yourself to excel. I am telling you that it is vital to your health - emotional, physical, and spiritual - that you pace yourself. Your life needs to have an easy and peaceful rhythm no matter how much you decide to do.

You have to pace yourself.

This will require you to develop habits that keep you from going into an all out sprint. Habits like mindfulness, prayer, and meditation. Things like setting aside "me time" for massages, reading, or whatever calming activity fits your lifestyle and preference. I can help you with a personalized plan to do just that.

Life is NOT meant to be rushed through. We should savor each moment as we pace ourselves through our minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years.

Are you in a dead sprint? What can you do to make your life slow down to a comfortable pace?

You were built to last and you will need it for the long haul that we call LIFE.

P.S. I am kicking off a special course on July 4th. If you need to slow down and achieve your goals for 2017, this class is for you. You can login on the private forum to be added to the waiting list. You owe it to yourself to begin enjoying the best that life has for you!

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