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The Success Loophole




an ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules.

I have read countless articles and books about "success." It all started when I was hired more than twenty years ago for as a "professional."

I was a first-generation college graduate and had no clue what "professional" looked like.

After struggling for a few years and experiencing more than a few embarrassing moments, I decided to that I was going to figure out how to be more "professional." I began devouring books like "Think and Grow Rich" and Dale Carnegie's classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

Those books and the many that were to follow changed my life (see my page for a selection of books that changed my life).

It opened up new mental models for me. I began learning and applying some of these newly found strategies. As I did this, the scientist in me made observations. I created my own feedback loop.

I began to notice some anomalies in my data. There appeared to be a "loophole" in people's pathway to success.

Traditional wisdom says that you should make friends, and lots of them. Then you should spend your days trying to "impress" people in power and persuade them to give you a chance.

However, when you read the success stories of some of the wealthiest people who went from broke to millionaire status, you will not find such a story of glitz and glammer.

Instead you will find "normal" people who committed themselves to achieving the extraordinary. And here is what they used:

Discipline. Success is built upon small actions done consistently over time. This takes what Winston Churchill dubbed as "constancy to purpose." It is consistent action in the direction of the goal repeated day in and day out. Ho-hum. Yes, boring. But it gets results.

Commitment. Commitment is not just showing up. It is making the necessary sacrifices to achieve the goal. It means giving up comfort and being comfortable. It gets you up early and keeps you up late. It cause you to go out of your way to make an effort. It is the mark of achievers.

Persistence. A consistent drip of water will wear down a stone over time. And you can wear down the opposition through your willingness to persist in the face of adversity. Successful people don't make a habit of giving up. They keep going until something changes.

Do you notice what is missing from this list? Talent. Intelligence. Privilege.

Although there are many people who are talented, smart, and have advantages in life, you do NOT NEED to have these things to succeed.

This is why I am passionate about you discovering your Unique. Unique is not based on talent, intelligence, or privilege. It is sharing the gift of who you are with the world. It is Loving Your Unique.

And when you discover Your Unique, are willing to give it all you have, stay committed, and refuse to quit, success you will come to your door.

For years, I attempted to "follow the script." That is until the day that I realized that "the script" was a moving target!

I was able to become comfortable with my Unique after many years. I stopped focusing on my "weaknesses" and worked to understand my strengths. I began leveraging those strengths to do more of what I loved, and less of what I hated.

Breaking out of my rut required courage. I had to stop listening to THEM and believe in myself. I had to embrace my difference and walk in it.

Who am I? I am Uniquely created by God. There is no one else like me.

And my Unique is NOT something to fix. It is something to find. Something to love. And something to embrace.

And in it I find peace and purpose.

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