• Rebecca Mott

Killing Me Softly

It's in our biology to trust what we see with our eyes. This makes living in a carefully edited, overproduced, and Photoshopped world very dangerous.

Dr. Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

Your Unique will never survive in our culture without constant reality checks. Our world is toxic to living our Unique.

Our culture is designed to perfectly kill our Unique.

We consistently shown how beautiful, rich, and famous we could be if only...we were taller, shorter, skinnier, plumper, brunette, blond, fair-skinned, tan, brilliant, popular, bolder, kinder, courageous, gentle, above-average, normal. Do you get it? No one can be all of these things. Yet our media feeds us a consistent diet of "you need to be _______." Fill in the blank.

Is it any wonder that we are stressed out, frustrated, and depressed? It shouldn't be a surprise. Constantly striving to be everything is exhausting!

I love Wonder Woman. She is my favorite shero. I find so many things about her to love. Most relevant to this post is the fact that she gave up who she HAD to be to pursue who she WANTED to be. That is real heroism!

Have you stopped to think about who you want to be?

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Henry David Thoreau

Have you allowed the media, your parents, your friends, your boss, or your social circle to hijack your life?

Image compliments of CreateHer

Living Your Unique is a spiritual journey that requires you to separate yourself from external voices and influences. It is a journey that begins by searching your soul to discover who God created you to be. Other people's opinions are not welcome here.

What lights your soul on fire?

If you can't feel yourself into that place, it is probably because you have allowed FEAR to hijack you.

Fear is an overwhelming feeling that melts into physical responses. We don't just think fearful thoughts. We live out fear in our bodies. And the effects of living in fear are enormous.

I want to invite you to crack the door of your heart and step outside of your limiting beliefs and thoughts of disaster.

Here is something that I have learned: "It is never as bad as I conjured it up to be."

Our imagination can fuel what we don't want instead of creating what we do want.

Our FEAR kills us slowly and softly.

Why are you AFRAID?

I will tell you a secret. You have more control than you are assuming. And fear is your worst nightmare and #1 enemy.

The antidote to fear is perfect LOVE. I am not talking here about romantic love. I am talking about the life-giving LOVE called AGAPE. It is love that originates from the divine. It is pure. It is holy. It is sacred. And it gives LIFE.

Today, I am encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone into a spiritual journey to discover your hero within.

I wish that I could tell you the journey was easy. It is hard. It is filled with danger. It is risky. It is sometimes lonely. It will cause you to want to give up.

But what I need you to know is this: you have what it takes to WIN.

You are not alone.

I am cheering for you!

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