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Help Them Fall in Love with Your Unique

Loving Your Unique is only half of the journey to Living Your Unique. You will not reach your potential and live inside of your destiny until you understand how to help other people see the value of Your Unique. This takes an unshakeable confidence in who you were created to be.

People who fail to appreciate our Unique will give us one thousand reasons why we should change. And if you don't understand the value that you bring to the table, they will convince you to give up the Unique that is your value.

The key is in being confident in Your Unique. When you value Your Unique, other people will begin to value it as well. And even the people who are not convinced will at least stop harassing you! (That is unless they are a bully; see my blog post about bullies).

One in six adults will experience bullying in the workplace. This translates to about 17% of people in the workplace feeling uneasy about their difference. This is not fair to those who see things differently and absolutely deserve to have their gifts acknowledged and their voice heard. I don't want this to be you.

So I want to give you three ways that you can begin helping others see Your Unique and love it.

Know how your strengths. I encourage you to find and understand your strengths. From the time that we are in school to the time that we enter the workplace, we are consistently told where we need to improve or change. We are only validated when we meet the "norm." Whoever came up with normal anyway? So it is now up to you to know and understand your Unique strengths. I encourage you to head over to the Gallup Strengths Center to discover Your Unique combination of strengths. They can help you identify your top strengths and arm you with information on how to use them.

Understand the value of your strengths. Knowing your strengths is not enough. You must be able to articulate your strengths and explain how they bring value to your team and the world around you. This will require you to self-reflect and gather feedback from people that you trust. Another way we can discover our Unique gifts is to examine the request people consistently make of us. Do people always ask you for advice? You probably have gifts related to wisdom, understanding, and connection. Do people consistently ask you to proof read your documents? Then you are probably a detail-oriented person with a passion for excellence. Now you can connect this with what your boss, company, team, or organization needs to be successful. When you consistently contribute out of your strengths, people will begin validating your value.

Sell the value of Your Unique. Now, here is the hard part for those of us who hate "sales." Selling yourself is not something that comes natural to most people. But helping other people see the value of Your Unique will open doors of opportunity for you to use Your Unique even more. Acknowledge "I am good at..." fill in the blank for your strength. Understand how all of your strengths tie together to create an Unique package that is YOU. "There is NO ONE else like you!" This is true. When you help other people understand Your Unique combination, they begin to see that your talent cannot be duplicated. And if it cannot be duplicated by anyone else, then you are the ONLY ONE that can do what you do. This creates exclusivity for your own brand of Unique.

These three steps will take a lot longer to practice than they did to read. Dig in and do your work. This is the pathway to Living Your Unique and helping other people to Love Your Unique.

There is NOBODY else like you!

And the world needs Your Unique!

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