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Life in Your Own Lane

Living Your Unique will require you to live life in your own lane. Living your life by what is going on in other people's lane will leave you tired, stressed out, and frustrated.

Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about being stressed out. Our culture has become addicted to exhaustion. From the time we awake, we are a constant buzz of activity. We try to stay on top of every text, social media post, news story, and the latest gossip. We have developed the fear of "missing out."

We are literally driving our minds all over the map! Our minds are so smart. They try to reprogram us to keep it going. And it makes us a nervous wreck!

People on edge and walking around with short fuses. It doesn't take much to push us into anger, frustration, meanness, and hate.

University of California, Berkeley, researchers have shown that chronic stress generates long-term changes in the brain that may explain why people suffering chronic stress are prone to mental problems such as anxiety and mood disorders later in life.

Robert Sanders, New Evidence that Chronic Stress Exposes the Brain to Mental Illness

The worst part is that we shroud our understanding in a cloud of believing that "this is the way it is. This is the way life has to be. There are no other options. Everyone lives like this. It is not a problem."

That kind of thinking gets to the core of the problem.

We can't solve a problem using the same level of thinking that created the problem.

Attributed to Albert Einsten

In order to break free of this trap, we must first open our minds to the possibility that our current thinking is flawed.

Living your life in your own lane is about creating intentional actions that will lead you to a desired result. It means being intentional about who you spend time with, what you read, the conversations that you choose to have, and the places that you hang out.

It is much like the skill of driving on a highway. When we drive outside of our designated lane, we will eventually meet with destruction (a crash collision). We may survive it. Some don't.

This is the consequence of living an unintentional, addictive life. We lose control of our journey.

Living life in your own lane is about mapping out a specific destination based on where you want to go. And it requires you to stay in your lane to arrive safely at that destination.

Driving in other people's lane looks like being more concerned about "them" (whoever THEY are) than you are about YOU. Imagine someone driving down the road constantly looking at the other land instead of their own. I think you know the end result of that.

Driving life in your own lane is about focusing on YOU, what YOU want, and what YOU need. And building intentional actions that are self-directed to get you there. This is the key to living Your Unique. Your are not concerned about THEM. Let THEM do their own driving!

What road are you on today?

Whose lane are you driving in?

What is your current destination?

Are the actions you are taking today designed to get you to that destination?

What can you do today to be more intentional about living life in your own lane?

I can't answer these questions for you. Living Your Unique requires deep introspection and a determination to break free from society's "normal."

It is your choice.

What I can tell you is this: there is FREEDOM on the other side!

You are Uniquely created by God. There is NO ONE like you!

The world needs Your Unique!

P.S. I am on a journey through Dr. Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection. Grab a copy of it and follow along with me. And if you are having a hard time breaking free of a negative thinking mindset, I highly recommend the below guide. Developing gratitude can help you bust through the negative emotions holding you back. Try it.

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