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Your Creative Flow

The world needs Your Unique! What does that mean?

You are uniquely created by God. There is no one else like you.

At the cellular level, your DNA is absolutely unique.

It is statistically impossible that two different individuals (who are not identical twins) have the same set of mutations.

Sandeep Venkataram, PhD Candidate in Evolutionary Biology at Stanford

What does this mean in your life?

It means that beginning at the cellular level, there is no one else like you. Since your brain and heart are made up of those same cells, this means that there is no one else that can think or feel like you.

This gives you an advantage in the world. Since you are an Unique creation, that which you create is also Unique. But this is only if you learn how to operate in your CREATIVE FLOW.

What is creative flow is the sum of the purity of thoughts and positive emotions that flow from within you.

Unfortunately, our world contaminates this. Everything from our environment to what we learn pushes us to suppress our pure thoughts and positive emotions.

Our environment and culture teaches us things like:

  • There is not enough for everyone so I must compete.

  • I am lacking in strength and wisdom.

  • I am helpless.

  • My circumstances have more power over me than my own thoughts.

  • My difference is a liability so I must blend in.

  • I must "fix" things that are "wrong" with me.

All of these negative thoughts breed in us a negative pattern of thinking and mindset.

Then add to this the hurts and harm that comes to us as we grow and mature from infants to adults. These hurts and harm get buried into our subconscious and impact us negatively on a cellular level. Since our minds and hearts are made up of cells the hurts and harm are carried in us at that level.

This manifests itself at a very deep level to block the pure thoughts and emotions. We literally become and manifest the very hurts and harm that we carry within us.

How do you break past all of this to manifest the creative flow of Your Unique?

I wisht that I could tell you that the journey was easy. It is not. But there are several things that you can do to walk in intentionality towards Your Unique and release yourself to experience the CREATIVE FLOW that is part of you.

Repent. Repentance is a powerful practice that changes the direction of your path. To "repent" means literally "to turn away from." Most repentance is practiced in the statement "I'm sorry." Remorse (deep regret or guilt) is the seed for creative flow.

Practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is powerful. When we forgive, we release the hurts and harm that block our creative flow. You should forgive everybody for everything. And you should forgive yourself. Practicing forgiveness and walking continually in it will open you to the possibility of experiencing creative flow.

Practice gratitude. Having gratitude for all that you have and all that you are will allow you your creative flow to unfold and blossom. This practice will break you out of the negative thought patterns and mindset that blocks creative flow. It should be practiced daily and generously throughout your day.

Open yourself to love. Love is the most powerful positive force in the universe. It is the fire behind your creative flow. Love is about being open and embracing all that is around you. It suspends judgment and sees people and situations from a divine place. It is the force that pushes your cretive flow.

This is a also a practice called Ho’oponopono. It is summarized in these phrases:

"I'm sorry."

"Please forgive me."

"Thank you."

"I love you."

These are powerful requests that will release you to experience your creative flow.

How do I practice it?

In my quiet place.

Blocking out all distractions, I sink into my thoughts. I use inspiration to help me focus my mind on the divine. I reach for God. And in that place, I open myself to experience the Unique that is me.

The easiest of these three practices to grasp is the practice of gratitude. I have found a helpful resource that can guide you. You can download it to your phone, ipad, or computer. It walks you through how to begin practicing the power of "Thank you." https://tinyurl.com/n2n3hfc

How do you know when you have tapped into your creative flow?

When you are in your creative flow, ideas flow to you effortlessly. You receive heartfelt inspiration. You see insights into things that you are a struggle right now. Wisdom reveals itself. These are clues that you have tapped into your creative zone.

Today, I encourage you to pursue this. Flowing in your Unique creative will open you up to experience peace and joy.

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And know that I am cheering for you to discover Your Unique and your CREATIVE FLOW.

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