• Rebecca Mott

The Unity of Many

I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the way our world is made.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Living your unique does NOT mean that you live it alone. Or lonely. Living Your Unique is about embracing your authentic self and extending it to those around you.

To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.

Mark Twain

Although Loving Your Unique requires you to be comfortable in your own skin and with your alone self, it also requires you to open yourself to the many.

My greatest moments of joy have always been found in the collective of others - community.

When I say "You are awesome" I really mean it. Your awesomeness is waiting to be discovered and appreciated by those around you. But you must be open to receiving from others.

This is not to say that everyone you encounter will understand or appreciate Your Unique. Quite the contrary. Some will laugh and giggle at you. Some will put you down. And some will outright attack you.

But some is not ALL. It all depends on who you choose to listen to as you follow Your Unique.

For many years, I listened to the voices of my inner critic. And the voices of the outer critic magnified what I was thinking and hearing in my own head.

Until one day I decided to change this dynamic. Who are THEY to have authority in my life? They only have the authority that I give them!

What I missed that I don't want you to miss is that there was a whole crowd of folks waiting to embrace and love me - the authentic and real me.

I finally figured out that I was WASTING my time!

Can you embrace this truth: there are a people out there waiting to embrace and love you?

Your job is to search with all diligence to find them.

These people will not make you comfortable with your pain. But they will call you out of it into a place called LOVE.

I stopped hanging out with people who shamed me and made me feel guilty. I tell you the truth, this cut out my exposure to a LOT of people.

But these people that I let go were never really meant to be there in the first place. I attracted them based on that PERFECT image. They were never really in love with the AUTHENTIC me. They loved my facade. They pursued my image.

I love stories of the transformational power of LOVE.

I especially love the story of Pinnochio. It is the story of a little wooden marionette that desired to be a REAL boy.

It was a hard journey for Pinnochio. One of the biggest things he had to give up was LYING. His LIES led him down a rabbit hole of disappointment.

As soon as Pinnochio embraced the love of his father, he was released to become a REAL boy.

What lies are keeping you from becoming REAL?

And whose LOVE do you need to embrace to become LOVEABLE and REAL?

The journey of LOVE to realness is not easy. But, oh is it worth it. And it is found in the UNITY of many - your community.

Search for it Beloved.

I am cheering for you!

P.S. I can't believe that I am on Day 39 of my Soul Fast journey. This journey has taken me deeper into my authenticity. Hang with me for the next phase.

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