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Follow Your Heart

"Take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you."

Apostle Paul

Regret sucks!

My life began to fill with joy the day that I decided to follow my heart.

Feelings are not the same as heart. Feelings are wavering. Feelings will deceive you. And that deception will lead you straight down the pathway of regret.

Aligning your heart with your deepest desires is a process.

Following your heart is about aligning your decisions with your deepest values and desires. These are not superficial needs, but the life-giving and soul-inspiring desires of your heart.

The discovery of your deepest desires begins with an understanding of who you are - Your Unique.

There are several times in my life that I made a decision that followed my heart. At the same time, following this path also hurt my heart.

You will burn yourself out quickly if you try to be everything to everybody. Your thoughts and energy will be diluted.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

At those crucial moments I always turned to my Aunt, a woman who was full of wisdom and transparent. She was real.

The decisions always happened at her kitchen table. I would pour my heart out through tears. She would light a cigarette and take a slow draw before speaking. She would look at me with her hazel eyes and say "You know what you need to do..." That is how she would always start.

And then she would look at me as if peering into my soul and tell me everything that I was thinking. It was as if she were inside of my head. She would read my soul. I would cry some more.

When she finished reading my soul, she would put out her cigarette and tell me, "It's gonna be alright. You're gonna make it." When I left her kitchen table, I was always sure of what I needed to do. And that was follow my heart.

I wish that I could tell you that the decision from there was easy. It wasn't. Those decisions were followed by more tears. And uncomfortable changes.

On the other side of those decisions came much better days. She was right. "You're gonna make it." And I did.

I call those decisions now the best decisions that I ever made. And they carry no regrets.

What decisions are facing you right now?

I can't read your soul, but I can say this:

You know what you need to do...

It's gonna be alright.

You're gonna make it.

And I am cheering for you!

What decisions

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