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Ending Friendships That Are Toxic to Your Unique





You will NEVER be able to Love and Live Your Unique inside of toxic friendships. Toxic friendships poison your life and your purpose.

How do you know that you are in a toxic friendship? If we come from dysfunctional families, we often don't notice the signs of dysfunction. Dysfunction to us is "normal."

Redefining "normal" to dysfunction is your first step. Start with reviewing these 23 signs that you may be in a toxic friendship.

Eliminating toxic relationships gives you more energy and clarity. Dysfunctional relationships cause a lot of self-confusion!

So, how do you end the relationship without DRAMA or GUILT?

It begins first by learning some skills that you can use to defeat the self-talk that is keeping you stuck inside of these friendships.

You must become convinced of your own value and worth. This is a hard truth: we get in life exactly what we feel that we deserve. If you want to break free from toxic relationships, you will have to understand your own value and then learn how to value yourself.

Start by practicing positive affirmations that validate your self-worth. Check out this pdf file of affirmations from the University of Victoria.

As you begin to value yourself more, it will provide you with the strength that you need to end these toxic friendships.

Then, begin using this simple strategy whenever you interact with your toxic friend:

Change the dynamics of your conversation. If they start complaining, teach them about the power of gratitude. If they start gossiping, remind them that we are ALL imperfect, even them. If they begin talking about their problems, remind them that they have the power to make a choice.

If they are interested in changing and joining you on a journey to healing and growth, they will stay in touch. If they are stuck in a narrative of misery, they will stop contacting you.

Your journey to Loving Your Unique WILL require you to prune those unproductive relationships that are keeping you from being your BEST self.

Ending these toxic friendships is a necessary step towards making your life more peaceful and satisfying.

Living Your Unique is not easy.

But it is so worth it.

I am cheering for you!

P.S. If you need help learning how to practice gratitude, check out the resource below.

Click the image to access a powerful tool to help you with your practice of gratitude.

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