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Forgive Yourself Right Now

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

Mahatma Gandhi

I have made my share of mistakes. And the hardest thing that I have ever done is learning how to forgive myself.

One of my favorite childhood musicals is that of Mary Poppins. She was "practically perfect in every way." Oh, how I wish that this was my story. But it is NOT.

Your journey to spiritual maturity and loving Your Unique will be riddled with mistakes. Lots of mistakes. You say things that you don't mean. You do things that you wish you had not. You make decisions that you regret.

If you stay stuck on beating yourself up, you will end up miserable and mean. You are hard on yourself. And that makes you hard on the people around you.

The one thing you must do is: FORGIVE YOURSELF.

Unlike Mary Poppins, none of us is "practically perfect in every way." We are all human and very infallible. And we are all on this journey doing the best that we can.

I know that it is hard to believe that some people are doing the best that they can. They seem "lazy" or "uncaring." But those classifications that we assign to them arise out of a misunderstanding that they are "falling short" of a standard we have set for them. And when we find it hard to love the unloveable, we will find it hard to love ourselves.

This can keep us stuck in unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is a CANCER that eats slowly away at our very being. Refusing to forgive others and ourselves will cause us to become bitter, cynical, hateful, and mean. We simply cannot see the virtue in humanity. We become blinded by our unforgiving heart.

Dr. Bertrice Berry said something powerful in a commencement speech at the ceremony for my Masters degree. It brought me to tears.

Forgiving them is not about letting them off the "hook." Forgiving them is about letting yourself off the hook that they tried to put you on.

Dr. Bertrice Berry

Wow. Forgiving THEM opens the pathway for me to forgive myself.

There is a universal principle that says "you will reap what you sow." Some call it "karma." Some call it LIFE. Whatever you call it, it is TRUTH.

We will never be able to grow beyond the level that we are willing to forgive ourselves and others.

I struggled so many years with depression. And one day I discovered that the root of it was unforgiveness. It was not that I wasn't forgiving towards others (which I later discovered that I really was NOT), but it was the fact that I wasn't offering myself a GRACE card.

GRACE cards are the most powerful instruments to living in wholeness and authenticity.

If you have ever played cards before, you know that the basic premise of ANY card game is this: some cards carry more weight than others.

I am here to tell you that the GRACE card is one of the most powerful cards you can play in this life.

Grace in the Christian faith is about "unmerited favor." This means that there is NOTHING that you can do to deserve it or earn it. It is given freely at the discretion of the one giving it.

Let me ask you this: When was the last time that you offered yourself a GRACE card?

Giving up perfection is one of the keys to LOVING Your Unique. You have to embrace your imperfection as part of the human race. NO ONE is perfect! Even Mary Poppins made some mistakes (although she would never admit it).

Today, I want you to give yourself a GRACE card. Stop beating up on yourself for failures, mistakes, and mis-steps. Accept these as part of your HUMAN-NESS.

You are no less worthy of love because of your mistakes. Your mistakes are just ways to teach you what you need to learn in order to create your BEST life. Learn the lessons from your mistakes and move on.

If you have failed, don't stay stuck in the valley of unforgiveness. Look in the mirror and say "I love you. You are human." Accept that you will make mistakes.

Then forgive yourself. Let go of the expectations that you will always get it "right." Know that you are ENOUGH - mistakes and all. And God loves you just the way you that you are.

Forgive yourself today. Hug yourself today. Love yourself today.

If you can do this one thing, you will open your heart to receive the love of which you are so worthy.

And as you make this journey know that I am cheering for you!

You are awesome!

P.S. I really do have a passion to help you overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams. Email me and let me know how you are doing - info@theartofubyrebecca.com.

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