• Rebecca Mott

Reach for Your Purpose

Find a purpose in life so big it will challenge every capacity to be at your best.

David O. McKay

Living Your Unique is riddled with challenges.

When you live in your difference, the journey to finding your purpose and fitting in can be difficult to navigate. Being Unique can lead to a life where you are NOT popular and will be labeled as "weird" or "strange" or even "eccentric." None of those labels are terms of endearment. And the "in crowd" will make you feel like your difference is not valued or valuable.

Understanding your true purpose and living Your Unique will help you see the value that your difference adds to the world.

Creative innovation does not arise from people who think and look like everyone else. Innovators and creators use what others don't or can't see to create. Replication is not part of an innovator's DNA.

Digging to find Your Unique purpose is not easy. It will require you to take risks, challenge the status quo, and live beyond where you are.

Jump out of the aquarium of limited beliefs and start swimming in the ocean of unlimited possibilities.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

This starts by understanding yourself really well. You have to clear about who you really are at your core. People-pleasing behavior is the enemy of Your Unique.

Living in the self-confidence of Your Unique requires you to get outside of your comfort zone. You cannot look to society or the past to decide your future. Your future must be lived out of the unlimited ocean of possibilities.

You will have to become comfortable with making other people uncomfortable. You have to accept rejection as confused misunderstanding on the other person's part. You cannot allow other people to impose their "idea" of what you should be. You must fully become your own person.

People who break records and change the world live beyond where they are. They catch a vision and run with it. They hold on to that vision and pursue it with tenacity until it manifests.

Creators and innovators live inside of a world not visible to others. And inside of that world, they see what others cannot and pull it into reality.

Before the artist ever lifts his pencil to sketch, he sees on paper what no one else sees. Before an architect ever sees the structure erected, he sees it in his mind. Before an author ever writes a word, the words float inside his head waiting to escape. Before a musician ever plays a note, he hears the tune from another dimension.

What do you see that others do not see? What can you do today to begin bringing what you see into reality?

I want to encourage you to reach for your purpose. Step outside of the realm of this reality into Your Unique. Be intentional about getting to Your Unique, understanding Your Unique, and living Your Unique.

This world does NOT need more of the same. We need more of the different that makes a DIFFERENCE.

Don't give up. The best is yet to come.

I am cheering for you!

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