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29 Ways to be a Disruptor

I recently attended a conference about women as leaders and disruptors. Being a disruptor is a lot like being a volcano. It is peaceful and beautiful most times. But when it decides to erupt, it changes the landscape. I am proud to call myself a disruptor who uses My Unique to impact my world.

I gathered some awesome wisdom from this conference that truly inspired me. I want to share these nuggets of wisdom with you. These are ways that you can use Your Unique and disrupt the status quo while making an impact. Enjoy!

  1. Chart your own course.

  2. Break down the stereotypes and mindsets of OTHER people.

  3. Don't always "nice."

  4. Speak up!

  5. Get comfortable with the fact that everyone won't be comfortable with you.

  6. Build relationships.

  7. Let people know who you are and where you stand.

  8. Say what others are thinking in a straightforward way.

  9. Have confidence in your ideas.

  10. Don't downgrade yourself.

  11. Encourage other disruptors by opening the pathway for them.

  12. Realize that everything that comes "up" should not come out.

  13. Don't be reactive.

  14. Consider other people's perspective.

  15. Realize that you can't help anyone until you get to the table.

  16. Negotiate your standing.

  17. Ask for what you want and need.

  18. Allow others to flourish in their dreams.

  19. Respect boundaries by asking "What do you need from me?"

  20. Become a great communicator.

  21. Communicate.

  22. Hang out with people who will inspire you.

  23. Hang out with people who bring out the best in you.

  24. Be open to opportunities and follow your instinct.

  25. Make decisions that are right for you.

  26. Expect the unexpected.

  27. Don't force yourself into the wrong place based on the idea of what you think you want.

  28. Build your village. We can't pick our family but we can pick our village!

  29. Being ridiculed is a sign that you are on a faith journey.

The quote that impacted me the most was this one:

"What God wanted my journey to be is NOT what I wanted it to be. It's complicated."

If you get a chance to hang out with people who are making a difference in the world, don't miss it. I am glad that I didn't miss this opportunity to glean wisdom from some real trailblazers.

You are not alone. I am cheering for you!

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