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Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

If you do not want to see something in your future, do not focus on it today.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

I limped through the first half of my life. And my two favorite crutches were pessimism and criticism.




a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst

will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future.

And holding onto my crutches took me low. I couldn't believe that things would work out "for the best." I was holding on to some FACTS in my life. Things HAD NOT always worked out for me. And some of those situations were outside of my control. So I had adopted this self-defeating belief that things would NOT ever work out for me. The worst was bound to happen.

My hope in the future sank when I took this perspective. And this created a sadness in me that I could not shake.




the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived

faults or mistakes.

I adopted a very critical attitude towards people and towards life. I was an expert "fault-finder." I was good at picking apart the pieces and showing you how you were WRONG. What I missed was this: EVERYONE is on a journey, we all make mistakes, and we all are doing the best that we can. And it is not for me to judge what someone else's BEST looks like. I needed to get busy figuring out what my BEST looked like.

The twins of pessimism and criticism had put a grey cloud over my life. And the worst part was that I was doing it to MYSELF. I was the one holding onto to these crutches.

Releasing these crutches was one of the most difficult journeys that I had to take. I had to come to this point: changing my FOCUS was the key to letting go of my crutches.

People who focus on what they want get exactly what they want; people who focus on what they don't want, get exactly what they don't want.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

I had exactly two choices: I could choose to focus on the negative OR I could choose to FOCUS on the positive.

I finally concluded one day that I needed to focus on the POSITIVE.




hopeful and confident about the future.

I was sure of this one thing: my negative focus was NOT getting me where I wanted to be.

Today, I want to challenge you to ask yourself this: Where is YOUR focus?

What are you choosing to believe? In a previous post, I talked about "The Power of Belief."

What goal are you reaching for today? You can get it. But you must change your FOCUS.

I found this great video on YouTube. Take this journey with me. You MATTER and the world needs Your Unique.

I am cheering for you!

P.S. I am on Day 19 of my 40 Day Soul Fast from Dr. Cindy Trimm's book. Click the link below to purchase your copy and join me on the journey.

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