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5 Reasons I Love My Unique

Accept no one's definition of your life, but maintain your God given right to define or redefine yourself according to your understanding of who God made you to be.

Harvey S. Firestone

I started this the Art of U by Rebecca out of a passionate commitment to help others discover the power of their difference. There is no one else like you on the planet. And Your Unique is an asset not a liability.

For years I struggled with being "different." I didn't think like "everybody else." Being "on trend" with the world around me was a struggle. I always had a desire to chart my own course away from the crowd. In my struggle to find out where I "fit" into the world, I discovered the Power of Unique. Understanding the power of my difference freed me to pursue authenticity and GIVE UP completely on trying to be "normal" or fit into my environment. I stopped shying away from my difference and began to live boldly in it.

Here are 5 reasons that I LOVE my Unique and BOLDLY Live My Unique:

There is no one else better at being me. One of my friends says "it is sad to live an imitation and die a copy." I couldn't agree more. "Genius" is never found by trying to copy what someone else is doing. Genius is discovered when there is "no one else that can see what you can see." The Power of Unique is that you have an Unique perspective and way of seeing things. And no one else can offer that to the world but YOU. As soon as I understood this, I became bolder in speaking up, speaking out, and standing in my difference.

I have NO competition. When I fully understood my difference, I was able to embrace the fact that there is no one who can compete with me. This thinking runs counter to what our culture believes. We are socialized to compete with each other. We are always trying to be BETTER than someone else which leads us to constantly compare ourselves against what THEY are doing. This kind of thinking prevents you from discovering your Unique assets and developing them. When I understood that no one can beat me at being ME, I was freed to pursue my authenticity with boldness.

My Unique releases my creative genius. Following rules and thinking like "everybody else" puts you inside of box that keeps you from living your full potential. When you understand the VALUE of Your Unique, you embrace that your creative genius lies in your difference. Examine the great creators, entertainers, and inventors and you will see that they all have one thing in common: they BOLDLY live out of their Unique. They don't do it "like everyone else." They surprise and delight us by giving us a glimpse into something we have not seen before. This is the power of creative genius and living my Unique BOLDLY has helped (and is helping) me come into my full potential.

Living my Unique makes me feel more confident. When we are always "trying" to be like someone else or pretending to be something we are NOT, we shrink in our confidence. We all fall in "love" with people who show us how much they LOVE their own gift. They are enjoying being in the zone of who they are and their enthusiasm is contagious. We LOVE it. Understanding that helped me see that when I get into my zone and use my Unique, people begin to see "my gift." Living My Unique makes me feel good about who I am and what I am becoming.

Living my Unique makes inspires me to reach for my future. When I finally discovered my Unique, I was able to begin developing and refining it. My pathway to purpose and destiny became clearer. I was no longer confused about where I needed to go and what I needed to do. My Unique keeps whispering to me "go in that direction." I am not stuck by constantly looking to society to help me find my pathway to a great life. I make my own path using my Unique.

This blog is not about convincing you to "be like me." This blog is to inspire you to "be like you."

I want you to discover the freedom of Your Unique.

Your Unique is needed by the world. Go get it

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