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The Power of Micro-wins

Change is hard! We decide that we need to change and then the feelings of being overwhelmed and in over our heads set in. Too often, we give up on change before we get started. This can keep us stuck and living beneath our potential. So, what do you do? You can use the power of the "micro-win."

A micro-win is a small and incremental shift towards your goal. It is a "baby step." I used this method to coach myself from couch potato to completing a half-marathon - without ANY prior running or athletic experience.

Let me walk you through my marathon micro-win list as an example:

  • Walk for 20-minutes three times per week.

  • Walk for 30-minutes three times per week.

  • Work a 45-minute walk into my schedule.

  • Begin a walk/run plan working up to 20 minutes of continuous running.

  • Walk/run for 2 miles three times per week.

  • Work up to running 2 miles nonstop.

  • Extend my distance by 0.25 miles per week to work up to 3.1 miles once per week.

  • Begin a novice half-marathon training plan (built-in baby steps).

I would love to say that I started off with this beautiful plan. But the truth is that I built this plan week by week - micro-win after micro-win. My focus was always getting to the next step.

You can layout a similar plan for any goal that you have in mind. Here is how:

1. Set a heart-felt goal - something that you are passionate about achieving.

2. Imagine what it will be like to achieve your goal. This step is necessary to fuel your passion to get started.

3. What is the first small step you can take towards getting to your goal? Here are some general first small steps: sign-up for a free subscription to your area of interest, join a Facebook group, talk to someone who is doing what you want to do.

4. Do some research on what it takes to achieve your goal. Search Google. Read a book.

5. Read some inspirational stories or blogs about people who have achieved your goal.

6. Get a mentor or hire a coach.

7. Share your goal with someone who you trust and that will encourage you to pursue it.

8. Create a vision board that will inspire you.

9. Sign up for inspirational emails and/or tips on a blog related to your goal.

This next part is critical to your success and forward momentum. After you achieve each step or micro-win, CELEBRATE! Establish some ways that you will reward yourself for taking small steps towards your goal. Your mini-celebrations will give you the energy and fuel to continue the hard work of getting to your goal.

Here are some mini-celebrations that I used for my marathon plan:

  • Get a massage.

  • Get a pedicure or manicure.

  • Buy a new pair of shoes.

  • Post my "win" to social media or tell my family so they can celebrate with me.

  • Take an evening to relax and do something enjoyable and totally unproductive.

Micro-wins are powerful motivators to keep you going on the difficult road of change.

There is one more power booster that I want to tell you about. It is the practice of gratitude. This is really easy to practice. Start by writing out three things you are grateful for at the end of your day. This is a great way to shift your thoughts into a positive state of flow

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Love Your Unique. Live Your Unique.

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