• Rebecca Mott

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

The very first movie that I remember is "Cinderella." The creative geniuses at Disney worked inside my mind with beautiful pictures and catchy songs that tell the story of a rejected girl in search of her true love.

Someday my prince will come Some day we'll meet again And away to his castle we'll go To be happy forever I know

Within the space of one hour and 14 minutes, my young mind became enamored with visions of falling in love with a handsome and kind prince. Subsequent movie-watching reinforced this belief over and over again. Someday my "prince" would come and rescue me from the harsh reality of my current experience. We would live happily ever after in his kingdom of peace and prosperity.

This brainwashing happened so gradually that I never knew it happened. It created in me a discontent and triggered a search for "the perfect man." Of course, I was not consciously aware of how I had tricked myself into believing that I needed another human to "complete me."

Somewhere along my journey and my struggle to turn my dysfunctional relationships into healthy relationships, I came across this truth: happiness is an inside job. In other words, no one else can "make" you happy or "make" you sad. These emotions flow from your inner being and are created by the thoughts inside of your head.

It isn't the truth that controls you, but what you believe to be true.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

It wasn't until recently that a speaker at conference (speaker and Life Coach Lakweshia Ewing) put into words the belief behind what controls so many of us. "You complete me."

Discovering Your Unique is about being WHOLE inside of yourself. So many of us are in broken relationships with a tape playing inside of our head that says "Make me happy!" This focus on the outer world "completing us" causes frustration and disappointment in our relationships. And our frustrations feed into disturbing our PEACE and keeping us from discovering who we are on "the inside."

The journey to Your Unique will require you to let go of the belief that other people can "make" you happy. Happiness and contentment should flow from a place deep within you and spill over into the world around you. If you are in a constant state of need for people to make you feel a certain way, you will forever be upset, frustrated, and disappointed.

Today, I want you to be BRAVE and explore your beliefs. Are you living out of a mindset of brokenness or wholeness? Are you in search of people, things, or power positions to "complete" you? What would happen if you decided to give up on that concept? How would your life change?

This journey is not for the faint of heart. You must be brave and bold. You must have courage. You must face the truth. And then you must let the truth transform you so that you are "whole lacking nothing."

Dare to Love Your Unique so that you can Live Your Unique!

I am cheering for you,

P.S. I am on Day 7 of my 40 Day Soul Fast. I started on March 1. If you would like to join me, follow this link to purchase a copy of Dr. Cindy Trimm's book and join me. You won't regret it.

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