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Finding Your Unique: Cooperation with Spirit

Finding Your Unique is not an easy journey. If you are following my blog, you are one of thousands of people who have lived part of your life with untapped potential.

Leonardi Da Vinci was not such a person. You may know him most famously for his painting of the Mona Lisa - that mysterious woman with the gazing eyes and tranquil face. What you may not know is that Da Vinci was much more than a painter. He was more than an artist.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting a museum exhibit of Da Vinci's work. It was simply amazing. I knew that he was a man of many talents, but I was blown away by the depth and breadth of his genius. As I mentioned, he was not just a painter or artist. He sculpted. He was a mechanical engineer. He was a scientist. He was an inventor.

Da Vinci's work embodies the principle of Living Your Unique. His imagination was simply astounding. He was Unique and he lived out every ounce of it in his work.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art." ~Leonardi Da Vinci

I will translate this quote into a simple formula:

hand + heart + spirit = Your Unique

These three things - hand, heart, spirit - combine to make up Your Unique. The secret to tapping into the full potential of Your Unique lies in these three cooperating and co-creating.

Your hand. Your hand is symbolic of "those things you do." These are the actions you take in your life. Dreaming inside of your head does not benefit anyone. It is not until you put pen to paper, finger to guitar string, brush to canvas, or shovel to dirt that your creative genius appears. Discovering Your Unique is more than just "thinking about it." It is DOING IT.

Your heart. Your heart is symbolic of your passions and desires. These are the hidden treasures that lie deep within your soul. They are the inclinations and dreams you had BEFORE you were told how to fit in, what to do with your life, and "the rules." Creative flows from that deep consciousness within you that lights a fire in your heart and your mind. It is more than "dreaming about it." It is CREATING IT.

Your spirit. Your spirit is the sacred part of who you are. All that is pure flows from this place. Spirit creates positive energy and life force. It is your breath. It is your core being. Only spirit can worship God. Spirit gives voice to the creator in you. "No one else can see what you can see." This seeing is not physical, but spiritual. It is the part that is UNIQUELY YOU.

When the spirit speaks to the heart and the heart ignites the creator, your hand should respond in cooperation with the creative. You create. You Live Your Unique.This blog is a sacred place for you to discover Your Unique. I do not believe that Da Vinci was an anomaly. I believe that we are the ones who have failed to dig deep and break free of the boxes that society tries to put us in.

You have not seen the full unfolding of who you are. There is so much more to you, beloved.

Stay with me on this journey. The best is yet to come.

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