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Build Capacity for Your Unique

Living Your Unique requires you to develop a capacity for it.




the maximum amount that something can contain.

Your capacity is driven by what you repeatedly do - your habits. You will never be able to break through the negative self-talk and other-talk until you develop the capacity within yourself to accept yourself.

We are so full of other things. Your eyes see. Your ears hear. You touch and feel. You learn your world and your place in it through these sensory perceptions.

Unfortunately, we structure our lives in such a way that we fail to develop the full range of our perceptions. We turn off the creator within us and zone out on absorbing sensory feedback that does nothing to edify our souls.

Is it any wonder that we are worn out, stressed out, and overwhelmed?

Learning how to Live Your Unique will require you to develop a deeper spiritual capacity. Spiritual practices are NOT religious practices. Spiritual practices focus on pulling away from using only sensory perceptions to developing the capacity to reach within ourselves to the core of who we are.

The core of who we are is NOT the same as who we present to the world. Most of us are walking through life with masks that hide who we really are. We gaze into our culture at movie stars, athletes, and musical artists and long to be someone else.

We look to our culture (magazines and social media) and grab certain images. We carefully craft those images into intricate facades that we hide behind. Our inner value stays locked up and hidden away. We trade in our true selves and who we really are for an image that we believe everyone will love and accept.

I want to share with you the spiritual practices that have helped me developed the capacity for me to accept, live, and love My Unique.

  • Prayer - making time to be alone and focus on my faith

  • Meditation - making time to breathe deeply and focus on universal truths

  • Intentional reading and listening - reading and listening to material that feeds my soul

  • Using my creative - using my inner creator to create something beautiful in my environment (art, writing, music, gardening, etc.)

I have more to share with you about developing capacity for Your Unique. Make sure to visit my blog and follow this journey.

You are Unique. You are full of awesome. Love Your Unique. Live Your Unique.

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