• Rebecca Mott

The One Thing to Change Everything

"What is the one thing you can change that will change everything?" ~ Dr. Cindy Trimm

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are going around in circles. Being lost is no fun. And to feel like you are on "repeat" can lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment.

Traveling by car in a new city is one thing that I enjoy. I enjoy the adventure of getting out and seeing a new place. While most people go to Las Vegas to see "the strip," I got in my car and drove outside of the city limits. (NOTE: I did eventually explore the strip).

Outside of Las Vegas is NOTHING like the city proper. It is a flat land full of nothing but cactus and long stretches of nothingness. But it was fascinating to me because I had never been to the desert. The scenery was totally unfamiliar.

I am a self-proclaimed "city girl" and so after driving for about 30-minutes, I suddenly became unnerved. There were no rest stops, gas stations, McDonald's, or Wal-Marts in site. I suddenly felt "alone" and uncomfortable.

Life is a little like my Las Vegas side-trip. We get an idea that excites us, see a person we want to know, or get a chance to apply on "the perfect job." Suddenly, we are excited by the possibility of exploring "the new."

But it is not long before those unnerving and unsettling feelings set in. We suddenly become "fearful" because things do not seem "familiar." Rather than pushing past those nervous feelings and reaching for something new, we shrink back into our comfort zone.

Living inside of our comfort zone causes us to miss the opportunities leading to our destiny - our Ultimate Life. We know that we were meant for "so much more," but we are overcome by our fears, insecurities, and worries.

Las Vegas received 42.94 million visitors last year. Most people stay inside of the city limits exploring the man-made structures and experiences. According to desert.com there is enough natural beauty outside of Las Vegas to keep you busy for a whole week. Most of those 42.94 million visitors miss that hidden treasure.

Today, I want to encourage you to change your mind and your perspective. Stop following the crowd and forge your own path. What hidden treasures are you missing in your life? What can you do TODAY (one decision) that can change your perspective and your situation?

Decide to get outside of your comfort zone and explore what life has to offer. Follow your own Unique intuitions.

Do this one thing and you will be on the pathway to Loving Your Unique so that you can Live Your Unique.

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P.S. I am on Day 4 of my 40 Day Soul Fast. Purchase your copy of Dr. Cindy Trimm's book and join me.

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