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Thinking Good Thoughts

Since last year when all of the ugliness of politics started swirling, I have been on a kick to feed myself a stream of positive thoughts, affirmations, and positive content (music and books).

With all that is going on in the world, there is more than enough material to feed negativity. It requires no effort at all to become disheartened, discouraged, and yes, depressed. Just watch the morning news, hang out at the water cooler at work, and talk to a random person in line at the grocery store. Add to that the sometimes insane traffic, rude customer service, and a child throwing a temper tantrum. And, presto bingo, you have an insane day where you just want to give up EVERYTHING and walk away.

Does this sound familiar?

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can turn all of this craziness around. But it will require you to do ONE thing: Declare WAR on the NEGATIVE.

At an atomic level, everything we see is carrying some type of charge and a vibration. You can't see it with your naked eyes, but scientists at peered into those molecules and discovered that everything is NOT as it appears. If you have taken an intro chemistry class, you learned this. The Universe is in constant motion (vibration) and full of energy (charges). What has this to do with the subject at hand?

Well, our bodies are no different. We are a walking vessel of biochemical reactions, charges, and motion. And our brains, which produce what we think, live inside of this dynamic body. Modern medicine is discovering that above obesity, heart disease, and viruses, STRESS is the NUMBER ONE killer of man. Check out this article on the effects of stress on your BODY.

What are we to do to fight this seemingly complex battle? Well, I believe that it starts with pruning the content that goes into your brain.

Have you ever been really sad (or angry) and had something unexpectedly happen in the middle of it (like winning the lottery) that shifted your whole mood? One moment you are ready to give up on it all (or punch somebody) and the next moment you are tingling with excitement. This one example shows the power that our thoughts have over, not just our feelings and emotions, but our WHOLE BODY.

So, today, I want to challenge you to examine your thoughts and prune what you are feeding them.

How many positive comments (or compliments) do you give or receive in a typical day? Zero, you say? That could be a problem.

When was the last time you shared, or heard, some really good news about someone? Now, how many times has that happened in the last 30 days? One? Two? If you don't go past your fingers and toes (that's 20) for 30 days, then you may be missing some jewels around you.

Name the last time that you did something kind and unexpected for someone (anyone). Now, how many times have you done that in the last two weeks? Please tell me it is more than twice.

Finally, how many times in the last 24 hours have you used negative words like "never" "horrible" "terrible" "ugly" "depressing" "hard" "difficult" "lazy" "worst" "bad". If you are really good at this, you can probably think of a whole list of 50 negative words in no time flat!

I want to challenge you to join me today on a journey to POSITIVE. Here are some strategies that I am using to get better:

  • Limit the amount of news that you watch and read.

  • Listen to music that takes you to your "happy place."

  • Get up in the morning and declare "Today will be an EPIC day!"

  • Subscribe to positive content delivered to your inbox.

  • When you say a negative word, NOTICE it and SHIFT to think something positive immediately.

  • Limit contact with gossipers and chicken littles ("the sky is falling!).

  • Do ONE nice thing for yourself everyday (your favorite cup of tea, a hot bath, meditation time, forgive yourself, say affirmations, quiet time, a night out with friends, whatever leaves you feeling peaceful with no regret or shame).

This is not an all-inclusive list, but it is a start. Don't wait. Your BEST life is waiting on YOU!

Love your Unique. Live your Unique.

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