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To People Who Want to Start with a Clean Slate But Are Afraid of Starting Over

Have you ever started a project, gotten a good ways through it, and realized that you had to start OVER AGAIN?

I can't tell you how may times that has happened to me. Usually, it is due to me:

A) Rushing

B) Not paying attention or getting distracted

C) Not planning ahead

D) All of the above

At the particular point where you discover the error of your ways, you are now put on the spot to make a decision. Do you make the best of it and finish it out (usually with less than fabulous results)? Or do you trash what you have and just start from scratch?

You weigh the risks. You consider the consequences. And you make a call.

Either way that you choose, you experience the wonderful feeling called FRUSTRATION.




the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something

No matter which way you go, this one thing is true: you cannot undo your damage to time. That for sure is lost.

Today, I want to challenge you to look at "starting over" in a positive way. Here are five reasons that starting over is a good thing:


Starting with a clean slate gives you an opportunity to approach it differently. You now have the benefit of EXPERIENCE. Use it to your advantage. Stop and ask "What did I learn from my mistake?" Think through those lessons learned and motivate yourself to approach your reboot with a fresh perspective and new attitude. These Four Steps can help:


Starting with a clean slate gives you an opportunity to say "No." Think about whether or not you really needed to do this in the first place. Or perhaps, there is someone else that you should have asked to help you. Can you call them for help now? Teamwork is usually more productive, produces a better result, and can be a whole lot of fun! See what I had to say about speaking your truth below:


Starting with a clean slate gives you an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of any agreements associated with the final product. Do you need to ask for more time? Do you need to renegotiate how the final product looks? Going back to the negotiation table can be scary, but it can also lead to some really good changes that will make the whole process easier the next go round.


Starting with a clean slate gives you an opportunity to be creative. Sometimes, starting over is an opportunity to incorporate some of your UNIQUE creativity into the process. What if your blunder was divine intervention to get you to rethink what you are doing in a different way? This can result in an innovative approach that may amaze everyone else! See this post about charting your own course.


Finally, starting with a clean slate gives you a chance to consider the "big picture" of what you are doing. Often, we rush headlong into tasks without thinking through all of the connections to what we are doing. Who will be impacted by this? Why is it important? What would happen if this was NEVER done? Coming to the epiphany that, in the large scope of things, this is small potatoes can free you from any guilt associated with your goof. Wow, it really wasn't all that important after all!

So, what have you found effective in overcoming the frustrations associated with starting over?

I would love to hear your UNIQUE perspective. Head on over to Facebook and share your perspective with us. Or click my signature to send me a direct email.

Until next time: Love your UNIQUE. Live your UNIQUE.

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