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Change is Constant: The Power of Evolution

The old saying goes; “The only thing constant in this life is change.” Throughout our lives we change physically, emotionally, and mentally- we grow and evolve. As situations arise we will either learn and mature from them or we get stuck where we are.

It is almost like a physical road block is placed in our path and we have two choices when these blocks present themselves. We can sit down and lean our back against the wall and use it as a crutch or reason not to move forward or we can acknowledge this roadblock head on and figure out how to get around it.

Ex-Felon Changes His Life!

When we become complacent we pause our growth, so instead of trying to deal with the road block we teach ourselves how to incorporate it into our life. These roadblocks can stand for anything; anger, pain, hurt, immaturity, insecurity, distrust the list could really go on forever.

We begin to live with this block in our life and little by little we give up the hope we have of things getting better. Know that when a block is placed in our life it is for our growth and we have to focus on moving past it because knowing that there is more path to cover, more of your journey to travel will give you hope.

Lack of knowledge is one of the most common reasons we can become complacent- gain the upper hand and learn everything you can about your block learn its weakness and it strengths and with the power of knowledge you will have the courage to face your predicament enough to move forward.

Move forward with a little more wisdom than you had before, move forward with pride in what you have learned knowing that it will help you move past the next block with a little more ease. Life is not about never having a problem but the key to it is learning how to deal with the problems when they are placed in our paths.

Have faith that your now does not have to be your forever but know that learning, forgiving, and moving forward is your choice.

Choose to have a bigger and brighter tomorrow by choosing today to move forward even if it is just one step at a time take that step with a full blown grace.

Understand each step only moves you closer into your glory and your DESTINY.


E.P. (a.ka The Emerald Peacock)

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