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Take Charge of Your Health!




the state of being free from illness or injury.

synonyms: well-being, healthiness, fitness, good condition, good shape, fine fettle; strength, vigor, wellness

A few years ago, I suffered a serious event that left me hospitalized for over a week. It was the first time in my life that I was ever hospitalized. As the doctor delivered the sober news about my condition, my life flashed before my eyes.

Several months of recovery followed in which I had time to think seriously about my health. Until this point in my life, I had not really given much thought to my overall health. Yes, I had illnesses like colds, flu, allergies, and run of the mill stomach issues. I even had a couple of chronic conditions to claim. But I had never been seriously ill.

In other words, I had come to take my health for granted. I assumed (wrongly so) that my health was a "given." I never thought about having problems with simple things like breathing, sleeping (other than run of the mill insomnia), eating, drinking, swallowing, and bathroom breaks. I took for granted that every morning, I would wake up, get a cup of coffee, enjoy my morning devotion, hit the shower, and prepare myself for my workday. I took for granted that I would have the energy needed to do what needed to be done (even if it left me exhausted by the end of the day).

After much needed reflection about many things including my health, I concluded one thing: I had failed to take charge of my health.

What does that mean?

It is so easy in our society of convenience and busyness to slip into bad health habits. We all see the news stories, emails, advertisements, and infomercials admonishing us to to lose weight, get fit, and eat healthy. We are literally drowning in information about what it means to be healthy.

Information overload can unfortunately lead to a lack of action. We can't make a decision, so we don't. Or we make a decision and then become unsure because of "advice" from well-intentioned friends and family.

Today, I want to encourage you to "Take Charge of Your Health." Here are steps to take your focus towards a healthier you:

  1. Decide today that you want to be healthy and strong. Focus on things like your energy level, your concentration, your sleep quality, and how you feel overall. DO NOT focus on things like your weight, your waistline, or having a "bikini" body.

  2. Think about the reasons that you want to get and stay healthy. Think about the quality of life that you want to have. Fast-forward in your mind about 20 years. Based on how you treat yourself , what will you health look like in 20 years? For me, I wanted to be strong and active enough to play with my future grandchildren. Now, there is a long-term goal!

  3. Finally, make a commitment to START. DO NOT go get some elaborate plan. Start small and simple. For example, how about drinking the proper amount of water? Or setting a regular bed-time? Or consistently eating a healthy breakfast? Start small and commit for at least 30 days straight. This will give you the necessary energy and focus to do and achieve more.

I have much more to tell you about being healthy, so look forward to more posts here at The Art of U.

Now, go do healthy while being your AWESOME and UNIQUE U!

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