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To Thyself Be True




  1. in accordance with fact or reality.

  2. accurate or exact.

Did you know that your DNA is completely unique? Your DNA is like no one else's. So, it is a true statement: "You are uniquely created by God. There is no one else like you."

Yet, we live in a world that preaches and teaches conformity. Why do I say that? Because anything or anyone who is different is sure to stand out. And standing out (or standing up) also calls both positive and negative attention to us. We then work hard to eliminate the negative attention, which means giving up some of those things that make us absolutely unique.

So, what does being "true" to yourself really mean? When Hamlet uttered this phrase in Shakespeare's satire, he said:

Making a commitment to yourself to be true to yourself is one of the most refreshing steps that you can take to freeing yourself from the prison of self-doubt.

The day that you break free from other people's expectations of you (friends, family, coworkers, etc.), you will experience a most exhilarating freedom. Here are 5 steps to beginning this exciting journey:

Until next time, go be your AWESOME and UNIQUE you!

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