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to be desired or approved of.

It drives me crazy when people use the word "normal."




conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

I am here to tell you: NORMAL is over-rated. I always ask myself: "Who set the standard?" "What is typical?" "Why do your expectations matter?"

Although I am a rebel at heart, I have spent most of my life in conformance space. Everyone has an opinion, or two, about how I should dress, how I should talk, how I should wear my hair, etc. on and on. And all of my chasing after conformance left me exhausted and depressed.

This is one reason that I am so passionate about people living their UNIQUE. What a miserable and boring place this world would be if we were all the same. So, let me help you avoid all of the years that I spent being miserable and barely hanging on to my confidence.

Set Your Own Standards

Yes, that's right. Stop looking to everyone else (your parents, your friends, the magazines) to tell you who you should be, how you should act, and what you should like. Let me ask you this: is all of your pursuit of "normal" and "expected" making you happy? I didn't think so. The only people who are truly happy and free are those who have decided to disregard the opinions of others and live their own truth. Kick the people-pleasing bucket and stand up for what you believe, what you think, and what you like. Own your own truth and learn to love it.

Redefine Typical




having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing

Do you see that? Your "distinctive qualities" are TYPICAL. That's right. Someone else's typical has nothing to do with you. Your typical is YOUR typical. If you live your life trying to fit someone else's definition of what you should be, you have just lost your distinction. Your distinctive qualities are what makes you UNIQUE and defines the real YOU.

Set Your Own Expectations

I see so many people living their lives based on other people's expectations. We don't want to disappoint other people. So, instead of standing in our truth, we live our lives chasing other people's expectations. I call it living in the "Valley of OPO." This is "other people's opinions." I am encouraging you to walk right out of that valley onto "ILM Street." That is "I love myself." And out of that self-love, begin setting your own course in life. This is YOUR life to live, so live it.

I have more to tell you about living UR UNIQUE. Follow my blog to learn more about this awesome journey.

Until next time, know that you are UNIQUELY AWESOME.

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