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U Are Unique!




being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

"You are uniquely created by God. There is no one else like you."

This is a powerful statement if you accept it.

There was a time in my life when I spent my days trying to figure out how to "fit in." No matter how hard I tried, it seemed like I could not authentically connect to others.

I felt "weird" and "strange" at times. At times, I felt isolated by my "difference."

Then, one day, I discovered the power of my Unique. I realized that my difference did NOT mean that something was "wrong" with me. In fact, it meant that everything was RIGHT with me.

I am an Unique creation. I am a masterpiece that cannot be duplicated.

Once I embraced my originality, my self-confidence exploded. I began to study what "made me tick". I stopped comparing myself to other people. I realized that living in my Unique empowered me to change my world. I no longer had to be a slave to what others thought about me.

Did you know that each snowflake that falls is Unique? There are no two that are exactly alike. They are beautiful individually...and collectively. I believe we should be the same way. Beautiful individually and collectively.

Finding your Unique can be hard. I know because I have done it. It requires introspection, reflection, and deep inquiry. I can help you do the work required to discover the power of your Unique. Are you ready?


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